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Eco Tourism

  • Gonbad Bazjanjan

    Gonbad Bazjanjan is considered as one of the natural attractions of Kerman province. In the center of the Bazjanjan leaf, four gonbadennames of the Hormuz series have landed on the earth, with its two large, one large plain in the eastern south of the dome.

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  • Shahdad Koolets

    Shahdad Koolat is one of the most beautiful attractions of Khor, Kerman. These are actually sandy mountains created by wind erosion and create mermaid forms and shapes that are less than anyone. After seeing these landscapes, the finger can not be left in your mouth.

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  • Lut Center

    The Lut desert is divided into three parts: north, central, and southern lut. The south lut is known as Lut Zangi Ahmed and the central lut to the central Lut hole. The northern lut is also known as Lut Birjand and Lut Khorasan.

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  • Kerman Reagan desert

    Kevir Reagan is located at the end of the southeast of Kerman province, near Reagan, and is located in the northeast, in the vicinity of South Lut or Lut Zangi Ahmed.

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  • Reggae Ring and Reggilan Lut

    Rig Julan is located in the Kerman province and northwest of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Rig Julian is in fact a rectangular rectangular shape that has a north-south ridge.

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  • Stabrag Salt desert, Babak City

    Stabrag Salt desert is desert that is more than 200 years old, a shallow lake that has been dried due to climatic changes and is now in a state of destitution.

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  • Bezestan salt Nog desert

    Bezestan salt Nog desert is located in Kerman province and about 45 km northwest of Rafsanjan.

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  • Quir Behbad

    Kaveh Behbad is one of the Kerman Province of Kerman province, which is bounded north with Kavir Saghand, from the east by Kavir Lut and the Naibandan Wildlife Refuge and the western part of the city with Bafgh. East Beor Behbad along with its adjacent area, Najbandan is one of the most sought after deserts in Iran.

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  • Lut desert

    Lut Dashti Desert is a desert in the southeastern region of Iran, which is known as one of the most famous plains of the country. . Kavir Lut is actually the 25th largest desert in the world, located in the northeast of Kerman.

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  • Sirjan salt desert

    Sirjan salt desert is located 30 km west of Sirjan city. The length of this desert is about 50 kilometers and its width in the middle part is 20 kilometers, and as you move north or south, its width decreases.

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  • Yakh Morad Cave

    Yakh Morad Cave is one of the ideal destinations for winter tourism and it offers a good opportunity for ecotourists to visit this beautiful cave.

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  • Taleghan lake

    Taleghan lakes construction perpose is controlling spring water of Taleghan Rood and irrigation of Qazvin plain as well as maintain table water of Karaj and Tehran.

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  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno

    kharsang Kooh is located in Tehran province and its name has been used in reference to many of the peaks that rise to the north of the village of Garmabdar

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  • Alborz_e Markazi protected area

    Covering extents of Tehran and Mazandaran province, this 398853 ha region was designated protected area in 1976 thanks to its high biodiversity, various biomes and eye-catching landscapes.

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  • Pol-e-Khab climbing cliff

    Pole Khab is the name of a famous climbing cliff about 35Km north to Karaj city with the top height of 2350m, and about 200m top-down height.

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  • Rudbar-e Qasran

    Roodbar Qasran, in the suburbs of Tehran, is a beautiful mountainous region with a very fine weather. It is actually one of the districts of Shemiran in north of Tehran.

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  • Lar Dam

    Lar Dam is a dam located at the foot of Mount Damavand in Mazandaran, Iran that is well known in world for its natural fields.

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  • Eshgh Abad wetland

    Eshgh Abad wetland is a massive birding field in the South of Tehran, on the Varamin plain.

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  • Abnik icy waterfall

    This waterfall is located at the end of Abnik valley , close to a beautiful gorge and it is very suitable palace for Ice climbing training.

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  • Barg-e Jahan Village

    The village enjoys cool summers and is therefore used as a recreational village for those living in busy Tehran, especially in summer season.

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