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Eco Tourism

  • Quran Mountain

    Mount Qarqaghi with a height of 2401 meters is located in Khalkhal city, central part, West Khandanbil village and 10 km south of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Mountain Range

    Mount Qarwol with a height of 2224 meters is located in the Meshkinshahr city, Arshah district, Salavat village and 43 km north of Meshkin Shahr city center.

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  • Qibla Mountain

    Qibla Mountain with a height of 2364 meters in the city of Khalkhal, the central part, is the eastern Sangbod district and is located 20 kilometers northwest of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Qohorqin Mountain

    Mountain Qatorqin with a height of 2403 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, the central part of the village of Sangbod East and 20 kilometers north of the city center of Khalkhal.

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  • Kouh-e-Saddaghi

    Mount Saddaraghi with a height of 2986 meters is located in Ardebil city, central part, Sabalan village, 20 km west of Ardebil city center.

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  • Sorkarblaghi Mountain

    Shakarplagh Mountain with a height of 2135 m is located in the city of Ardebil, Nayer district, West Urtika Village and 45 km southwest of Ardabil city center.

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  • Khor Sharifkhaneh

    Mount Sharifkhah with a height of 2002 meters is located in Meshkinshahr city, central part, Shaaban village and 26 km southwest of Meshkinshahr city center.

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  • Kouh Shah Teacher

    Mount Shah Teacher with a height of 3125 m in the area of Khalkhal city, Shahrood district, Shal district and located 55 km southeast of Khalkhal city center

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  • Sangar Mountain

    Mount Sangar with a height of 2296 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, Sangbod district, southern Sangbod district and 35 km west of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Kouh Sangbir

    Mount Sangbir with a height of 2455 m is located in the city of Khalkhal, central part, east of Khandanbil, and 15 km southeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Heydar valley (Rendan) waterfall

    The waterfall is 40 meters high. To get to the waterfall must enter through the village and the valley route and move up at river in the opposite direction. After about an hour walk you can reach to the waterfall.

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  • Soustun (Charand) waterfall

    This three-step waterfall is located in the valley between two mountain peaks, Rizan and Atashkuh, and natives call it "Charanad waterfall".

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  • Vardij Village

    Vardij is the name of a wonderful village that is assumed to be the dominating territory of stony people. It is located in Sulqan Rural District, Kan District, Tehran.

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  • Qalak waterfall

    Qalak waterfall Is located in mountainous Darabad route, Shemiran , Tehran. To watch this beautiful waterfall , you need a little climbing in the route.

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  • Souak waterfall

    This waterfall is located in Hesarak district of Shemiran and can be reached by 3hours climbing on Jamshidie Park upstream route. In this area clear and cold water from melting upstream snow flows down as a waterfall with height of 35 meters .

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  • Meygoon Village

    Meygoon is The bigest village in Roodbar-e Ghasran, Tehran province, Iran.

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  • Osun waterfall

    Osun is a beautiful area of the northern Tehran, which is its beautiful waterfall and natural rivers increase the beauty of its mountains.

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  • Tekyeh-e Sepahsalar village

    Tekyeh-e Sepahsalar (Romanized as Tekyeh-e Sepahsālār and Takye-ye Sepahsālār) is a village in Asara Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran.

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  • Dogijan Marand Cave

    Specifications: Dogijan is one of the villages in the East Azarbaijan province in the eastern part of the suburbs of Marand city, which after passing from the village of Ord Kalu and the new Bonab and Zarghan to the village. Between the village of Zarghan and Daghizan is a high mountain named after the cave that lies on this mountain.

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  • Maharan Jolfa Waterfall

    Maharan Jolfa Waterfall is located at the edge of Aras River, in the protected area of Kiamaki, East Azarbaijan Province, and is known as one of the natural attractions of this province.

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