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Urban Tourism

  • Pars Aqua Village

    Pars Aqua Village (Dehkadeh Abi Pars ) is one of the Tehran`s Water Park.

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  • Bame Tehran (Tehran`s Roof(

    If you want to have a full view over this huge city from above, this is probably the best place to go. This is the best walking hill in Tehran and You will have a magnificent view over city of Tehran.

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  • Tehran`s jurassic Park

    Tehran Jurassic Park or movable Dinosaurs Park is an educational, touristy and recreational park which is located in Behroud square, Sadat Abad, Tehran.

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  • Wonder Land (Sarzamin-e-Ajayeb)

    The third floor of Tiraje shopping mall is dedicated to the indoor Wonderland amusement park.

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  • Soortmeh Tehran (Tehran`s Sleigh)

    Soortmeh Tehran (Tehran`s Sleigh) is located in North of Tehran.

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  • Besat amusement park

    Besat amusement park is located in south of Tehran and hence it has good access to public transportation and south Bus Terminal.

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  • Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle(

    Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle) amusement park is one of the Tehran`s theme Parks.

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  • Yas Forest Park

    As large as 1400 ha, Yas Forest Park became ready for public use.

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  • Lavizan Forest Park

    Lavizan area consists of a Residential area and forested Recreation area called Lavizan Forest Park.

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  • Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park

    Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park whit good facilities caters to travelers and tourists needs.

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  • Ferdows Park

    Ferdows park is one of the special women's parks in South Khorasan Province, which is known as one of the largest women's parks in the east of the country with 7.5 hectares in size.

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  • Nehbandan Women's Park

    Nehbandan Women's Park is one of the special women's parks in the southern Khorasan province, which has an area of about 4,000 square meters. Nehbandan Ladies' Park is being closed in order to increase the well-being of families in this city.

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  • Fadak Women's Park in Birjand

    Fadak Women's Park in Birjand is the first women's special booth in South Khorasan province and the fourth women's national park for the sole purpose of sporting and recreational use for women and girls.

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  • Azadegan Park of Birjand

    Azadegan Park of Birjand is located at the intersection of Shahid Mahalat Blvd. and is one of the gardens close to the Akbarieh Mansion and Garden.

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  • Birjand Family Park

    Bustan Family is one of the urban parks in Birjand, which is located on the edge of Shahid Beheshti Street.

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  • Birjand Azadi Park

    Azadi Park is considered the first park in Birjand, which is located in the street of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has beautiful trees and sprites for recreation.

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  • Tohid Park, Birjand

    Towhid Park of Birjand is one of the best Birjand parks that has a very good space and is a good place to sit and eat for an evening or dinner. It has a local park for sports such as volleyball and football, basketball and skating. The zoo has a very beautiful waterfront and is one of the most important attractions of the city of Birjand.

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  • Sayyad Shirazi Park, Birjand

    Sayyad Shirazi Park, Birjand, is one of the city's Bourjand Gardens located on the margin of Shahid Sayyad Shirazi Boulevard.

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  • Woman Pelazh of Bushehr

    is one of the women's special recreational centers in Bandar-e Bushehr, which has been open for girls and women after being closed and re-opened several times. In the women's swimming pool, a variety of recreational and health services are provided in a relaxed and peaceful environment near the sea waves.

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  • Bushehr Birds Park

    Bushehr Birds Park with 25 species of birds including peacocks, pheasants, chicken and Chinese cock, polish and lari, ducks, geese, pigeons, lunar, love poultry, parrots, fench, bird birds, vulture, eagles, turkeys. , Indian Horned Chicken, ... is one of the charming entertainment centers of Bushehr.

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