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Eco Tourism

  • Mountains 4465 meters

    Mountain is the thousandth highest peak of Kerman, located in the south of this city and in the mountainous part of Rhine. The Mount of Thousand Kerman peak is a single cone that you sailed from the north to the south, to the valley of the Ghahrood River and leads west to the Rask River.

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  • Zarand Sea Wells

    Zarand Chah Darya Cave is located 15 km from the referees and on the Rafsanjan-Zarand in Kerman province and is considered one of the natural attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Ayoub is a cave of Kerman province

    , located on Mount Ayub, in the southeast of the city of Dehaye. The origin of this cave is volcanic lava, which adds to the importance of the Ayoub Cave.

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  • Trang Bouft

    Trang Cave is located 70 km from Baft Town and in Kerman province. The cave mouth of the village of Trang is about an hour's walk, and its path passes through the river and the flood control unit of the village. U

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  • Mirza Rafsanjan's cave

    Mirza Cave is located 30 km northeast of Rafsanjan city and in the village of Ten Rangelands and is one of the attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Kerman Province Plain

    Kerman Province Plain Garden is located in the southwest of Bam city, near the Kerman Belt Road to Zahedan, and has become a diverse and lush flood plain through the streams of its streams to the recreation and public resorts of the people and travelers.

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  • Kirch Kerman Province

    Kirch is one of the four large villages of Shahdad district located in the mountainous mountainous area on the way to Shahdad-Kerman. Its distance to Kerman is 80 km and to the center of Shahdad is 25 km.

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  • Three kings of Kerman

    Three kennels are one of the big villages and the center of the village of Three Khan, located in the east of Mahan and north of Bam Road - Kerman (6 km from the road after the road police). Three kennels to Kerman are 50 and 15 km to Mahan. This is one of the most famous walkways in Kerman.

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  • Port Henza

    Port Henza, a beautiful village located in the Rabr district, Baft city and along the Jiroft Baft road, is located 15 km from the Sarduyeh section and is considered one of the tourism areas of Kerman province.

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  • Hamoun Jazmoriyan

    Hamoon Jazmourian, a young tectonic subsidence, 150 km west of Iranshahr, 350 meters above sea level.

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  • Dogholou (Twin) waterfall

    Like other seasonal waterfalls in Tehran, this waterfall formed by melting snow in the spring and summer season. This waterfall is located on at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level rise, close to the Shyrpla shelter and the main route to the Tochal.

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  • Sefid Rud River Rafting

    Sefidrood river (grade 3) is located in Gilan province and it is suitable for rafting and kayaking.

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  • Haraz River Rafring

    Haraz river (grade 4 or 5) is located near Tehran and it is suitable for professional kayaking and rafting.

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  • Bande Yakhchal

    Bande Yakhchal is in northen of Tehran, Iran and Cause of the rocks, many climbers used to go there .usually

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  • Tochal

    Tochal is a mountain in the Alborz range and a ski resort adjacent to metropolitan Tehran, Iran.

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  • Gole Zard Cave

    Gol-e-Zard Cave is one the most Beautiful caves near Tehran.

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  • Kholeno mountain

    Kholeno is located in Noor mountains ridgelines a sub division of central Alborz, limited by Karaj-Chaloos road from west, Gachsar-Dizin-Meeygoon road from south, Baladeh road from north and end tips of the ridges from east.

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  • Darabad mountain

    Darabad or Kuh-e Darabad is a 9,072 ft / 2,765 m mountain peak near Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Hiv Caves

    Hiv Caves is located in Tehran Province.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is a mountain peak in Alborz range in Iran At an elevation of 4,200 metres.

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