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  • Hookah cafe

    This cafe offers a host of light snacks and meals, and home made cakes. Its is famous for its Penne Alfredo and grilled turkey sandwiches.

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  • Taj Mahal restaurant

    In the hotel of the same name, the Taj Mahal restaurant has a reputation for serving the best Indian food in Iran. The curries here are mouth-watering and there is a good range of vegetarian options.

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  • Shandiz restaurant

    If you want to experience one if the most Yummy persian foods, you need to try special lamb muscles of this restaurant. Which comes with a juicy onion side.

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  • Beirut Restaurant

    This tiny Lebanese restaurant offers delicious Shawarmas and natural drinks. All spices and sauces used are Lebanese.

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  • Davood Pizza

    Davood Pizza`s staff are so friendly and nice. BTW, sit outside, so you can enjoy the avenue, too.

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  • Bam-e Khaneh restaurant

    Bam-e Khane: a rooftop Italian restaurant and cafe in Honarmandan Park with an open buffet that serves various pastas as well as steak. The menu also includes different cuisines from other countries.

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  • Alborz Restaurant

    Alborz restaurant is rather a classic restaurant and is one of the old restaurants in Tehran which is providing its famous kebabs.

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  • Boof restaurant - Pasdaran Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

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  • Roka restaurant

    Literally hanging from the cliff above Darband village, Roka has a sort of James Bond feel to it, minus the martinis.

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  • Nayeb Vozara Restaurant

    A 3 floors restaurant with elevator. Classy designed and good service. its a fine place if you want to invite your friends or family. Price might be a little higher than usual but its because of a reason. Plus, nayeb became sort of a famous brand here.

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