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Cultural Tourism

  • Wall of Rey

    Wall of Rey is a 6,000-year-old structure, which dates back to the Median era (678 -549 BC). Only three kilometers of this defensive wall, which encircled the entire city during the Parthian era (247 BC–224 AD), remains today.

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  • Tower of Silence (Gebri Crypt)

    The Tower of Silence in Rey is where Zoroastrians exposed the corpses of their dead to the sun. This six-meter high structure is made of stone and mortar and dates back to the first millennium BC.

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  • Takht-e-Rostam

    Takht -e- Rostam (Rostam’s Throne) is a volcanic rock cliff and the ruins of a Sassanid era (224-651 CE) Zoroastrian fire temple located 80 km southwest of Tehran near Shahryar county.

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  • Rashkan Castle

    Rashkan Castle is an Arsacid Era (247 BC–224 CE) structure intended to hold the city of Rey.

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  • Haroun Al Rashid Prison

    Haroun Prison or the Harun al-Rashid prison in Rey is a cuboid structure made of stone and stucco, which dates back to the Buyid dynasty (934-1062).

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  • Emarat Badgir

    The 26-meter tall Emarat-e Badgir (wind tower monument) is located in the eastern part of the compound of Tehran's Golestan Palace, once the Qajar royal complex. The tower, elaborately decorated with blue, yellow and black tiles, is built on top of a lavabo (howz khaneh).

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  • Bahram Fire Temple or Mill Hill

    Bahram Fire Temple or Mil Hill in Rey is the ruins of a Sassanid (226-651 CE) fire temple.

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  • Adorian Fire Temple

    Adorian Fire Temple is a Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Tehran wich built during the Qajar era (1785–1925).

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  • Omidvar Brothers Museum

    The world ethnology Museum of Omidvar Brothers occupies an imposing position at the old entrance gate to the Green Palace of “Pahlavi“ Period.

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  • Shohada Museum

    Diagonally opposite the US Den of Espionage is the Shohada Museum, which has rolling exhibitions of photographs, usually from the Iran–Iraq War or the 1979 revolution.

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  • Garden and Amir Abad Mansion Birjand

    Amir Abad Garden and Cove located in the village of Amir Abad, in the west of Birjand city, is located 5 km from Khosf-Birjand Road. The components of the complex include the garden, the cottage and the crew residence. Amir Abad Garden Birjand has several streets that extend in different directions.

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  • In the world of Akbarieh

    Akbarieh mansion and garden is one of the historical buildings of Birjand, which was built in two periods in the Qajar period and by Shaukat al-Mulk. The Akbarieh Garden is located at the end of the Teachers' Street in Akbarieh village, which is located in the southern Khorasan province. Akbarieh Garden and Mansion Complex has been registered as one of the works of Iran in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National

    South Khorasan Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National South Khorasan in the oldest building of the mansion world Akbarieh (late Zand) that governmental citadel Amir Alam Khan large "Heshmat al-Molk Alam" is located in a relief images and biography Introduces the celebrities and cooks of the province.

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  • Tabas Museum of Anthropology

    Tabas Museum of Anthropology is located at the end of Emad Malmolkie, known as "Garden Khan", with an area of about 4,400 square meters. At Tabas Museum of Anthropology, a space with an infrastructure of about 600 square meters has been dedicated to displaying the culture and customs of this area from Iran.

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  • Birjand Wildlife Museum

    The Museum of Natural Sciences and History of Birjand, formerly located in Shakatabad Gardens and Mansions, is now being transferred to the Akbarieh Museum of the Grassland and the Museum of Wildlife. In this museum, species of wild or indigenous species are presented in the form of several collections.

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  • Birjand Museum of Anthropology

    The Birjand Museum of Anthropology is located on the ground floor of the central mansion of the World Garden and Akbarieh Mansion, and is a cornerstone of livelihoods, occupations and professions in the southern part of Khorasan, which in the past was notoriously outdated and now outdated. Has been displayed. The objects of the Anthropology Museum of Birjand are about 100 years old.

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  • Museum of Handicrafts and Anthropology

    The Museum of Anthropological Arts has been set up at the Caravanserai House. This inn is also known as the "Robat Shah Abbasi", which is based on the Safavid era and is constructed in a two-portico style. Its architectural spaces include two entrances, an entrance hall, eight rooms, adjoining chambers, and numerous cellars and furnaces.

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  • Museum of Fame and Fame Qa'in

    The Museum of Fame and Fame of Qa'in A collection of life letters, documents, manuscripts, works and works, symbols (national, scientific and literary), tablets and photographs of the scientific, religious and cultural elders of this area. From Iran, it will showcase the land that describes the position and position of these elders in the scientific, religious and cultural communities of Iran and the world.

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  • Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge

    Shah Abbasi bridge is built at the entrance of the city on the Karaj River. The Karaj road is located in Chalous on the eastern side of the bridge and the new bridge is located at the entrance of the city and on its southern side.

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  • Historical brigde of Bargan

    The bridge of the village of Bargan is a function of the Savojbolagh city, which has a valuable historical background and experts attribute its longevity to the Safavid era.

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