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Cultural Tourism

  • Saravan Gashat Cemetery

    Saravan Cemetery belongs to the Parthian-Sassanid period and is more than 2000 years old; Saravan's graveyard is a treasure trove of ancient history and ancient civilization of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

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  • arg Mohammad Hossein Khan Narooie Zabol

    Arg Muhammad Hussein Khan Naroui is one of the historical attractions around Zabol located in the historic village of Qaleh-e-Nou and 5 km from Zahak road to Zahedan. The organ of Mohammad Hossein Khan Naroui of Zabol has been registered on the list of national works of 7255 and is rebuilt as a historical attraction of Sistan.

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  • Abviy Zahedan House (Za'im's home)

    Abu'yi's home of Zahedan, also known as Za'im's House, is one of the historic houses of Zahedan, which was built in 1311 by the Master Mahmoudi (Yazdi architect) for a person named Za'im Abu Ali has been made. One of the characteristics of the Abu'yi's index is the existence of wind farms and its basin.

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  • Zahedan Shamsi House

    Shams House or Shamsi House is one of the historical buildings of the Pahlavi era that was built in 1315 AH in Zahedan and is now owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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  • Municipality of Miyarjavah

    Miyarjaveh Arrangement Building is one of the historical buildings and nationally registered works of Sistan and Balouchestan province dating back to the first half, but parts of this historical monument have been restored and restored by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. .

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  • Kash Cover Market

    Khash Market or Khash Market Butcher Market is the oldest market in Zahedan's Rassouli market, dating back to the first Pahlavi era. The Khash Marketplace was registered on September 16, 2004 with the registration number 11096 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Zahedan Cover Market

    Zahedan Covered Market is one of the important commercial areas and the purchase and sale of various goods in Zahedan City, which may be from 1308 to 1311 AH and has 35 commercial premises. The architectural style of the Zahedan store is close to the architecture of the traditional markets of the country.

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  • Sistan and Baluchestan Asbad

    Sistan is the capital of the Asbad in the world. The 120-day winds in Sistan and the powerful wind power required the creation of such materials in the region. Adhesives are decorated with their own adobe and the use of this species in the Sistan region has been very much considered and applied.

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  • Historical homemade of the village of Temin, Sistan and Baluchestan

    Tamin village is another tissue of the village of Sistan and Baluchestan province, which has a rocky architecture. Some see it as similar to the village of Kandovan in East Azarbaijan, but the structure of this historic village is quite different from the Kandovan.

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  • Historical homemade of Qale-No-Zabul Village

    The historical village of "Qala-e-nov" has the most consistent historical texture of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This historic village is located near Zabul, and yet it has not been able to alter its historical and ancient form of construction.

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  • Post Museum

    Construction of general post office building, which is a two-floor building with a basement floor, follows a composite German and Persian architecture.

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  • Omidvar Brothers Museum

    The world ethnology Museum of Omidvar Brothers occupies an imposing position at the old entrance gate to the Green Palace of “Pahlavi“ Period.

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  • The Wildlife and Nature Museum

    The museum of wildlife and nature was established by Tehran City Hall in 1988 in order to familiarize people with the cultural and natural legacy and help them realize the importance of protecting the environment and animals.

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  • Golestan Palace

    Golestan palace is in the heart of Tehran Between Imam Khomeini Sq and the bazaar and its made up several grand buildings set around a carefully manicured garde.

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  • Glass & Ceramics Museum

    Housed in a beautiful Qajar-era building a short walk north of the National Museum of Iran, the Glass & Ceramics Museum is, like many of its exhibits, small but perfectly formed.

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  • Tower of Silence (Gebri Crypt)

    The Tower of Silence in Rey is where Zoroastrians exposed the corpses of their dead to the sun. This six-meter high structure is made of stone and mortar and dates back to the first millennium BC.

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  • Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum

    Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum is considered as historical place of this district which is located in one of the old locals of Bereyanak in a street which has 7 plane trees.

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  • Masoudieh Palace

    Masoudieh building complex consists of 5 buildings: forum, Restaurant, spring house, Seyed Javadi Mansion, Moshir al-Molk Mansion and entrance hall, full of stucco, ceramics, calligraphy, graffiti and in general so exquisite decorations.

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  • Anis al-Dawla house

    In south Valiasr, north of Mowlavi Street, behind a large sign for the Sheep Butchers’ Union, is the house of Anis al-Doleh, favourite wife of the Qajar king, Nasser al-Din Shah.

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  • hossein khodadad`s house

    Tucked away on a shady lane in the Zafaranieh district of North Tehran stands a wedding cake of a mansion, painted blue with intricate white trim. Once the home of Hossein Khodadad, a wealthy merchant who made a fortune in shipping and textiles, the estate is now a museum dedicated to that most elusive of subjects: time.

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