What to eat?

  • Box Restaurant

    This restaurant offers a selection of French and Italian dishes.

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  • Cafe 78

    A somehow unique cafe in downtown Tehran that only serves soft drinks. The cafe’s menu includes hot beverages such as tea and coffee with different and unusual flavors, but it is most famous for its traditional Iranian drinks including herbal teas and distillates such as saffron tea, orange blossom tea and thyme tea.

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  • Nayeb Saei Restaurant

    One of the iconic Chelo Kabab restaurants of Tehran and undeniably one of the best- certainly best of all the Nayebs which by default puts it within the Capitals top three.

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  • J`ai Cafe

    J`ai Cafe is a fancy cafe-restaurant with a detailed menu. This cafe with very nice atmosphere is appealing to enthusiasts.

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  • Barbod traditional restaurant

    The exterior of this restaurant promises an unforgettable traditional persian dinning experience. Barbod features beautiful Qajar stained glass and offers a verity of kebabs.

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  • Moslem restaurant

    The epicenter of the Grand Bazaar is Moslem restaurant, which serves 4,000 to 5,000 people daily. During peak hours, it takes 30 minutes to get the food.

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  • Bouno Restaurant

    This restaurant is a bistro with three branches in Tehran and one in Mashhad. The restaurant has tasty pizzas and sandwiches as well as great steaks and grilled fish.

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  • Bob's Restaurant

    This restaurant offers tasty fish & chips.

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  • Boca Restaurant

    This Italian restaurant is famous for its Italian burger and claims to have the best pesto sauce in Tehran. The restaurant offers a refreshing lemon drink and good pasta.

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  • Cafe Khosh

    This cozy café has a modern setting and offers various drinks and homemade pastries. The café has special weekly offers.

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