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Cultural Tourism

  • Holy Defense Museum

    Holy Defense Museum is located in Vanak square and its mission is to promote Islamic arts which are related to shining period of holy defense.

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  • Cinema Museum

    Housed in a Qajar-era mansion that includes Iran`s first cinema, the film museum has well-displayed and explained exhibits of equipment, photos and posters from Iran`s century-old movie industry.

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  • Vaziri Caved Museum

    Vaziri Caved Museum is the first private and personal caved museum in Iran which is directed by Prof. Naser Houshmand.

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  • Ferdows Garden

    Ferdows Garden is a historical complex in Tajrish, Shemiran, Northern Tehran.

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  • Arbab Hormoz House

    The Arbab Hormoz House, a building in Tehran which belonged to a Zoroastrian during the Qajar era, has been recently converted into the Graphics Museum of Iran.

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  • Old Tehran House museum

    Kazemi Mansion or Saray-e-Kazemi or Museum of Old Tehran, is one of the old mansions of Tehran located in old Chaleh Meidan district.

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  • Abolhasan Saba House museum

    The museum is the same old home of the master that was once opened in 1974 by Master Ali-Akbar Shahnazi. The place is small but houses a history of Iran's music. The Saba Music Museum is located on Zahiroleslam St, Baharestan neighborhood.

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  • Dr. Sondoozi House Museum

    House-Museum of Dr. Amir Esmail Sondoozi is of the museum in the center of Tehran.

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  • Motahhari House museum

    the house of Martyr Morteza Motahhari was turned into a museum. Professor Motahhari resided in that house since 1346 and wrote most of his works in that house.

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  • Rajaei House Museum

    , the house of Martyr Mohammad Ali Rajaei where he resided for about 17 years was included in the list of national heritage as of 1373.

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  • Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge

    Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge is related to the Safavid period and is located in a small part of the village of Banu Sahara. The bridge is located two kilometers northwest of Kordan village.

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  • Seghar Taleghan castle

    1050 meters north of the village of Segaran and above the summit, surrounded by valleys surrounded by it, it is completely on the raised and single-faced, there is a historical castle known as the castle of Segaran.

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  • The Museum of Ayatollah Taleghani

    The late Ayatollah Taleghani's house is located in the center of Goliard village and is one of the historical works of Alborz province, which is the birthplace of Ayatollah Taleghani, the first Friday Imam of Tehran. House - Ayatollah Taleghani Museum located on the west side of the Goliard Village bathhouse and contains various components of Iranian homes.

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  • The historic landmark of the Tinal Tape of Nazar Abad

    One of the historical villages of Nazarabad is Khorramabad village. It is located at a distance of 2000 meters southwest of Khorram Abad, an ancient site known as the Tinal Tape, which has been booming in the historical and Islamic era.

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  • Aghpepeh Alborz

    Aghpepeh Rostaye is a town in the south of Mehrshahr Karaj, in the south of which is an ancient hill with the same name. The ancient site of Aghpipe Karaj dates back to the third and fourth millennium BC.

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  • ancient Rosckan Now

    The ancient Roshkan Cemetery is located west of the eastern central plateau of Iran. This area is about 5000 square meters of the few first millennium cemeteries in the city of Karaj.

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  • Lobster Mard Abad Alborz

    The historical hill of Mahabad is located in the city of Mahdasht. During the archaeological investigations on the hill, cultural materials and pottery collected from it, four cultural periods have been identified on this historic site. The 4th course of the Alborz man-Abad court is as follows:

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  • Abbasian Basin of the Alborz

    The Uzbek ancient site includes the main hill with a height of more than 24 meters, Jiran Tepeh, Maral Tape, Dashan Tape, Gumush Tape and Yan Tape; seven archaeological excavations have been carried out there.

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  • The ancient monument of yengi Imam Alborz

    Imam Alborz's ancient fortress is located in the central part of Imam Village, along with a complex including a caravanserai and a monastery.

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  • Karaj Pearl Palace (Shams Palace)

    Pearl Palace is the name of a Pahlavi historical monument located in Mehrshahr district 12 of Karaj Municipality. Karaj Pearl Palace was designed and manufactured by Wesley Peters and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for $ 1 million.

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