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Cultural Tourism

  • Dr. Hassan Habibi House Museum

    Amir Kabir Foundation also known as the house of Dr. Hassan Habibi is located At center of Tehran.

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  • Chamran House museum

    in July 2008 and simultaneously with the martyrdom anniversary of Mostafa Chamran, the house museum of Chamran was opened.

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  • Dr Shariati House museum

    House Museum of Dr. Ali Shariati, the renowned sociologist and thinker of the contemporary era is located in the center of Tehran.

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  • Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh

    Ghoorkhaneh gate (Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh) is located near Imam Khomeini Sq, Tehran.

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  • German Speaking Evangelical Church

    The German Speaking Evangelical Church (Evangelische Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache in Iran) is an expatriate community church in Tehran.

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  • St. Abraham Church

    The church is dedicated to Saint Abraham. Abraham is Father in Faith of the 3 religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. By choosing Abraham as the patron of the Church, the Dominicans showed their desire that it would become a place of study, encounter, and understanding between people of different faiths.

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  • Russian Orthodox Church

    At the end of the 16th century a monk Nicephorus, founded the first Russian parish on the land of Persia. A Russian spiritual mission was operating in Iran by the beginning of the 20th century, and by 1917 there were about fifty Russian Orthodox churches.

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  • St. Vartan Church

    St. Vartanants Church is established in 1986 and was anointed as an Armenian Apostolic Church in 1987 at Tehran. St. Vartanants Church is the last Armenian or Christian church which was built in Iran.

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  • St. Sarkis Church

    Built between 1964 and 1970 and paid for by benefactor Markar Sarkissian, the white, twin-spired church is less interesting for its beauty than its place as the center of Christianity in the Islamic Republic.

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  • Shahid Beheshti Museum

    The project for the construction of a museum in the house of Martyr Beheshti which was launched in the year 1391 has been completed and the museum was opened on the martyrdom anniversary of Beheshti.

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  • Karaj Soleimanian Palace

    Soleimanian Palace is one of the historical works of the Alborz province, located on the premises of the Karaj Agricultural College and dates back to the Qajar period. The Soleymaniyeh Palace of Karaj was registered in 1327 with the number 370 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Shrine of the Shrine

    Shrine of the Shrine known as the Tower of Takamaneh, also known as the Tower of Tahmineh, is considered to be one of the historical works of the Alborz province, which is one of the castlemen or members of the dynasty of Padosupan (1005-1045 AH) from the rulers The local area of the Royan region is from the eighth to ninth centuries.

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  • Karaj Rasakan-e-Noor tower

    The new Roskan-e-Noor tower is located south of Karaj, which was used as a reservoir of water and belongs to the Pahlavi period. Razakan Water Tower in Karaj is about 12 meters high and is made of bricks

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  • Kordan tomb tower

    Tourists who are interested in seeing historical monuments can not travel to Savojbolagh and do not want to visit Sarık to build the 7th-AH century Kurdish shrine. The Kurdish shrine is located 10 km from Hashtgerd in the village of Kordan.

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  • Karaj Mesbah bath

    Karaj Mesbah bath is one of the historical attractions of Alborz province located in the old neighborhood of Mesbah and in the center of Karaj.

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  • Caravanseraye Imam Alborz

    dating back to Imam Alborz's caravan, which at the beginning of the Hashtgerd road and 100 steps of Karaj-Qazvin road in the same village, goes back to the Safavid period. The Imam's caravan building was built in the past for travelers on the Rey and Qazvin routes.

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  • Caravanserai Shah Abbasi Karaj

    Karaj-e-Shah Abbas Karaj is a stone-brick building dating back to the Safavid era in the Alborz province, located on the southeast of Tohid Square. Caravanserai of Shah Abbasi Karaj in 1356 with the number 1368 in the list of national works of Iran has been registered.

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  • Haj Rahim Alborz Mills

    Haji Rahim mill is located in front of the Telecommunication Office; Haj Rahim Alborz mill is in fact an old mill that is located in the center of the irrigated mills and is part of the canal of water and tincture and the chamber The remains are of stone and brick.

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  • Cemetery of the Gate-10 Village

    The cemetery of the Gate-10 Village is related to the post-Islamic historical periods and has been registered as a historical monument in the city of Savojbolagh, Taleqan, Gateh village.

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  • Hosseiniyeh Azam Bargan

    Hosseiniyeh Bargan is related to the Safavid period and is located in Savojbolagh, a small part of the village of Barghan, and this record was registered on February 2, 2003 with the number 10824 as one of the national works of Iran.

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