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Cultural Tourism

  • Entezami House Museum

    Leading Iranian actor Ezzatollah Entezami House Museum, dedicated to Iranian theater, is scheduled to kick off in the capital city of Tehran.

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  • Moghadam Museum

    Moghadam House-turned-Museum is known to be the world's most expensive when it comes to housing priceless historical objects.

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  • Navab Bath

    The public bath was constructed below ground level to save energy and tap into groundwater sources.

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  • Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli

    Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli a combination of old Iranian architecture and is a symbol of contemporary Tehran.

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  • Grand Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar also known as Tehran`s Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Throughout its history, in addition to shops the Grand bazaar has contained banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses.

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  • Khanat Caravansary

    Khanat Caravansary in Amin-ol-Sultan square embodies the historical heart of Tehran.

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  • Darolfonoon High School

    Darolfonoon High School, established in 1851, was the first modern university and modern institution of higher learning in Persia (Iran).

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  • Hasan Abad

    Hasan Abad is an old and traditional business area within the Moniriyeh district of Tehran, Iran.

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  • Tughrul Tower

    Tuğrul Tower (also transliterated Toghrul, Tughrol, or Tughrul) is a 12th-century monument. Tuğrul Tower is near Rashkan castle.

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  • Sepahsalar Mosque (Shahid Motahari Mosque)

    Sepahsalar Mosque, also known as the Motahari mosque, has been named after Martyr Morteza Motahari who was a well known thought leader in 1979 revolution. He has largely contributed to the recent Islamic movements in Iran.

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  • SaTang Town Mansio

    Nasser-al-Din Shah, who was very interested in sightseeing and hunting, ordered the palace, like the palaces of Eshrat Abad, Sultan Abad, Saheb-Qaraniyeh and Qasr Yaghouat, outside Tehran to accommodate the royal palace and attendees during the trips. Make a nightlife.

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  • Karaj Zoology Museum

    Jalal Afshar Museum of Zoology is located at Karaj Agricultural Faculty and is one of the most interesting museums in the province of Alborz for wildlife and animal enthusiasts.

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  • Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology Museum of Karaj

    The Museum of Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology of Karaj is the first historical museum in Karaj. It is one of the top 12 museums in the country with research, research and activities, and has a research and research center and research center. Cerejd is also. Shoulder and weft weaving more than 100 years old, pork 80 years old, types of cigars and old headdresses, types of belts, pictures of Rijal Qajar period and ancient places of Iran, all and all can be in this museum saw

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  • The Seven Wonders of Karaj Museum

    Seven Wonders are among the most famous sights of the world; however, this wonders is somewhere close to Karaj, maybe it looks weird. If you want to go to the 7th Wonderland Museum in Karaj, you have to go to Chalous Road 14 km.

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  • Kashan Tabatabai's Houses

    : Tabatabai's House is one of the historical and beautiful houses of Kashan, which was built in the second half of the 13th century by Haj Seyed Jafar Tabatabai, a Natanzian merchant based in Kashan, in the Sultan Ayur-Ahmad neighborhood. The Tabatabai's house, like other historic buildings of that time, has magnificent decorations, architectural authenticity and design appropriate to the culture and climate of the region.

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  • The historical collection of Ibrahim Khan Kerman

    : Ibrahim Khan's collection is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerman. It is a collection of historical monuments; this complex with 4,500 square meters of land, including school, bath, water supply and Ibrahim Khan market, is located in The northern side of the Ganjali Khan complex lies near the Ganjalikhan Sq. Of Kerman.

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  • Ikhodan Zrisof Kerman

    Historical Ice Age Zristif Kerman is considered one of the historical works of Kerman, which is built with flower mud and represents the old architecture of the pilgrims.

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  • Ikhoddan Moeidi Kerman

    Yaqdan Moeidi is one of the historical works of Kerman city, located on the city's Abu Hamad Ave. This building was constructed in the late Safavid period and is named after the view that the renowned Qanat is one of the most famous elements of the iceberg.

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  • Rafsanjan's Qasiriyah (Qaisar-e-Shah Bahram)

    Qaisar-e-Rafsanjan (Qaiserah Shah Bahram) is located in the eastern part of the Rafsanjan market and the history of this cultural monument dates back to the era of Al-Muzaffar.

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  • Rafsanjan's old gates and fence

    The remains of the gates and fences from the old city of Rafsanjan are one of the historical attractions of Kerman and Rafsanjan provinces, which was located in the center of Rafsanjan during the reign of Shah Bahram Seljuqi.

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