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  • Asbforoshan Waterfall (hot waterfall) Sarab

    Asbforoshan Waterfall is located near the village of the same name on the northern slopes of Bozghoush Mountain and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions around Sarab.

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  • National Kental National Park

    Asyab Kharabe Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in the province of East Azarbaijan, located in Jolfa city and a few kilometers from the Iranian border with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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  • National Kental National Park

    Kental National Park with an area of 7000 hectares is located in the north of the province of East Azarbaijan and the international border with the Republic of Armenia. Kental National Park is one of the most beautiful natural and protected natural areas in East Azarbaijan.

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  • Qare Gheshlagh Bonab Wetland

    Qare Gheshlagh Lagoon is located on the south coast of Lake Urmia in the suburbs of Bonab city and is one of the natural beauty of East Azarbaijan province.

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  • BerkeGogli Lake in East Azarbaijan

    BerkeGogli Lake is a beautiful lake in the south of the village of Majarshin and in the village of Gonbarf, which is considered a beautiful tourist attraction of East Azarbayejan.

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  • Almalo Goli Sahand Wetland

    Almalo Goli Sahand Wetland Lagoon is located at 2,400 meters southeast of Sahand Highlands.

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  • Gochgoli Lake inTabriz

    Gochgoli Lake Lake is located near the village of Samarakhazan, 30 km from Tabriz, on the middle of the road, and is one of the natural attractions around Tabriz.

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  • Yaniq Hashtrood Wetland

    Yaniq wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in Hashtrood, located 35 km southwest of this city and in East Azarbaijan province. Yaniq Hashrtrood wetland is located near the asphalt road of Hashtrood-Maragheh and is considered as one of the beautiful attractions of the north-west of the country.

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  • Sulduz wetland Naghdeh

    Sulduz wetland is one of the ecotourism attractions of East Azarbaijan province. The Sulduz wetland is located in the northern section of Hasanlu dam drainage with a waterfall of 800 hectares in the national park of Urmia Lake.

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  • Hergolan Waterfall Ajbashir

    Herglan Waterfall is located in the East Azarbaijan province, near Ajabshir city and on the margin of the village is the same name. The height of the Hergolan Waterfall is about 50 meters.

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  • Kond e Sofla & Olya village

    Kond village is consisted of two parts: Olya and Sofla. Konde Olya village is date back to early islamic period.

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  • Harijan Waterfall

    The waterfall is located in the upstream of Harijan village near Hezarcham defile in Tehran-Chalus freeway. Its height reaches more than 9m and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Alborz Mountains.

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  • Roodafshan Cave

    The cave stands in the 50 km from S-E of township of Damavand, near the Roodafshan Village in a mountainous region.

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  • Varjin protected area

    Varjin protected area Located on southern of central Alborz mountains adjacent to Tehran. The altitude range of 1700-3900 m, and mean annual perception and temperature of 700 mm and 5° C, respectively have resulted in warm Mediterranean and temperate sub-humid climate.

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  • Ab’ali village

    Abali village is located in Northeastern Tehran and North of Damavand in a mountainous-valley area in an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level. Ab’ali has a moderate climate with very cold winters.

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  • Eram Park lake

    9 acres with a lake area features fishing, sailing and ...

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  • Oushan-Fasham

    This area (locally called Oushoun-Fasham) lies in Roudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County. Oushan-Fasham-Meigoun (also called Qasran) is a garden city 25 kilometers north east of Tehran en route Lashkarak Road

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  • Boornik cave

    The Bournik cave is located in around height of Bournik valley. Its height is about 2000meters above the sea level and 100meters from the Bournik plain.

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  • Damavand Mountain

    Mount Damavand is an active volcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East as well as the highest volcano in Asia

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  • Fashafouye lake

    Fashafouye lake is located in Tehran Province, Iran.

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