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  • Milad e Nour Commercial Center

    Milad e Nour shopping mall is considered as one of the biggest commercial centers of the Capital.

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  • Khorshid-e-Khavaran SHopping Center

    Khorshid-e-Khavarn Shopping Center is a great place to shop for electronics, men, women and children’s clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, perfume and cologne.

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  • Etminan Mall

    The large Etminan Mall has 8,000 square meters, 200 commercial units on five floors.

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  • Golestan Mall

    Golestan Mall offers a variety of candies and nuts, traditional foods, crafts, rugs, carpets, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, sporting goods and appliances.

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  • Ghaem Mall

    This mall has 6 floors and over 700 business units, 4 metal and glass elevators and escalators, 3 sets of stairs and 8 entrances

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  • Donyaye Noor Shopping Mall

    This shopping complex covers an area of 1791 square meters and is the largest shopping center in east Tehran.

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  • Bustan Shopping Mall

    This 7-story retail and office building has an area of 9600 square meters and more than 1,000 units. Over a hundred thousand people visit the spiral-type shopping center daily.

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  • Hyperstar - central branch

    Hyperstar is one of the the Biggest shopping mall in Tehran. This is an iranian version of Carrefour. You can find all you need here with best price.

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  • Tandis Shopping center

    Tandis shopping mall is one of biggest shopping center in north of Tehran. It has a lot of famous Iranian and foreign brands.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Baharan Branch

    The Baharan Branch of Shahvan Chain Store is located in west of Tehran.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Boustan Branch

    Boustan is one of the Branches of Shahrvand Chain Store, located in the northwest area of Tehran.

    0 Comments 142 Visits
  • Rey Bazaar

    Rey Bazaar is a smaller version of the Tehran Grand Bazaar located in downtown Y it is about 500 years old and traditionally sold spices, herbs and commercial goods as part of the silk road.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Hakimiyeh Branch

    The Hakimiyeh Branch of Shahrvand Chain Store is located in west area of Tehran.

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  • Tehran's Grand Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar also known as Tehran`s Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Throughout its history, in addition to shops the Grand bazaar has contained banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses.

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  • Tajrish Market

    Tajrish market is one of the oldest markets in the northern part of Tehran, Shemiran. The ancient setting of the market, so called and old stores and those alleys leading to Emamzadeh Saleh are still considered as its attractions.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Shahr- e Rey Branch

    Esfand is one of the Branches of Shahrvand Chain Store, located in the area of Tehran and has good access to public transport.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Azadegan Branch

    Shahrvand Chain Store - Azadegan Branch is located in Delavaran Blvd, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Sadeghiyeh Branch

    Sadeghiyeh is one of the Branches of Shahrvand Chain Store, located in the west area of Tehran and has good access to public transport.

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