Urban Tourism

  • Telecabin Aoun bin Ali (Tabriz Telecabin)

    Telecabin Aoun bin Ali or Einali is the longest trapdoor in the country, part of the Aoun bin Ali promenade project and the nature park. Using Tabriz's cable car you can park up Aoun bin Ali and use it well.

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  • Fun Time Laleh Park Tabriz

    Fun Time Laleh Park is one of the Tabriz Townships which is located in the third floor of the Laleh Park, Tabriz, along with its unique architecture and playground equipment. The visa application for children and adolescents is located on the third floor of the Laleh Parks Commercial and Recreational Complex.

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  • Ladies' Park 2 Tabriz (Ladies Bagh park)

    Ladies Park 2 is one of the gardens and women's special centers in Tabriz, located in the 1st district of Tabriz Municipality, with special recreational facilities for girls and women.

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  • Tabriz Traveler's Park

    There are several passenger parks in Tabriz for passengers' comfort that passengers can go to the campsite for hire and use of their services.

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  • Chichist Entertainment Urmia dene

    The Chichestan Coastal Village is one of the beautiful and beautiful areas of Urumia, which hosts thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists every day, especially in the spring and summer.

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  • Urmia Games

    Urmia Cultural Recreation Complex The Orumiyeh World of Playground is one of Urmia township located on Valfajr 2 Street.

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  • Park Student (Gouler Garden) Urmia

    Student Park or Guelher Badi is one of the beautiful parks in the city of Urmia, which is located along the park of Eller Garden and Coastal Park and is considered as one of the urban tourism centers of Urumia.

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  • Urumieh Park Clock

    Park is the oldest Urmia park, famous for its magnificent oval clock, located in the southern part of the park. This clock has been working before, but it is now dead and without a counter.

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  • Parque Eller Baghi of Urmia

    Urmia Ellerbaghi Coastal Park is the largest park in Urmia, which is located along the river Shahrechai and is located on Valfajr Street.

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  • Urmia Forest Park

    Orumiyeh Forest Park, also known as the roof of the city of Urmia, is located in the southeast of Urumia on the high elevations overlooking the city and adjacent to the Sheikh Tapeh ancient hill.

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  • Chitgar Lake

    Chitgar Lake (also known as Shohaday-e-Khalij-e-Fars Lake) is an artificial lake located in North-West of Tehran. it include recreational islands, Wildlife Islands, educational islands, sailing dock, Water Park, water sports clubs, recreational dock, amenities and service facilities, amusement park and accommodation facilities.

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  • Pardis Razi Cinema

    Razi Cinema Complex is located near Razi Sq, Tehran.

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  • Lavizan Forest Park

    Lavizan area consists of a Residential area and forested Recreation area called Lavizan Forest Park.

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  • Wonder Land (Sarzamin-e-Ajayeb)

    The third floor of Tiraje shopping mall is dedicated to the indoor Wonderland amusement park.

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  • Pardis Tamasha Cinema

    Tamasha Cinema complex is located in south of Tehran.

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  • Pardis Gholhak cinema

    Qolhak Cinema or Pardise Qolhak is located in north area of Tehran.

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  • Iranshahr (Honarmandan) Park

    The name of this park is The House of Iran`s Artists Park or Iranshahr (Honarmandan) Park.

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  • Azadi Tower

    The Azadi Tower is a monument in Tehran, marking the west entrance to the city, and one of the symbols of the Tehran.

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  • Pardis Zendegi Cinema

    Zendegi Cinema Complex with 5 screens, located in west of Tehran.

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  • Arike Iranian cinema complex

    Arike Iranian cinema complex is located in northwest of Tehran.

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