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Eco Tourism

  • Abashar Feiz Abad Rawar

    Faizabad Abad Kerman Province is located 45 km northwest of Ravar, in the upper part of Faizabad village, about 2 km from Feyzabad to Oliya. The cascade flooded down the slope of the wall.

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  • Abashar three cornne (Mahan) Mahan

    Three Kanj (Caspian) waterfall Mahan is one of the most famous walkways in Kerman; a mountainous and mountainous region with two beautiful waterfalls and adjoining mountains suitable for climbing.

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  • Arbar Rhine Kerman (Zarrud Waterfall)

    Rhine Kerman, also known as Zarrud, is located 14 kilometers southwest of Rhine and on the slopes of the eastern frontier of Mount Thousand and is considered as the beautiful ecotourism attraction of Kerman. it is possible.

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  • Basham Bakhmak Bam

    Bakhmakk Waterfall The Kerman Province is located 5 km from Bam city and along the river of Bakhmak village. The village of Bakhmak is located in the central part of Bam city and in the west of this city.

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  • Dusar Shahri Jiroft

    Five kilometers east of Jiroft road to Kahnouj is located in the beautiful Dosari village; this village is located at a relatively pink colored limestone, 5 km from the main road and has a beautiful waterfall.

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  • Arshkan-e Erdakan-kerman

    Erdikan waterfall Kerman province is located 2 km east of the highest residential area of Iran, in the village of Erdikan and on the southwest slopes of Mount 1000. A cascade of water coming from the snow and ice of the high mountains and the summit of the thousand.

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  • Abashar and Ravar (Different Rivers) Jiroft

    Vervar Waterfall (Raza Farah) Jiroft, which originates from the "Different" river, is considered to be the most beautiful tourist attraction of Amberabad city.

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  • Ashzar Chahrin Rabar

    : Chehran Waterfall Kerman Province is considered one of the beautiful and pristine areas of Rabr because other parts of this area are covered with walnut, apricot, spruce, as well as springs, grass and river course.

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  • Abshahr Three Bowls of the World John Baft

    Cascade Three Kaseh Jahan Jahan Kerman Province is located 1 km south of the village of Jahan and is at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The waterfall of the three bowls of the world is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerman.

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  • Mountains of Dena

    Dena mountain range with its numerous peaks is considered one of the main climatyas on the Zagros plateau. Among the peaks of the Dena mountain range are Dawa Valley 4350, Karsami 4260, Harawi 4300, Arawi 4310, Mash 4400, Bonn 4250, Heavenly Tower 4435, Mastan 4550, Morgagh 4420 m.

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  • Dragon Mountain Garmsar

    On the left side of the Tehran-Mashhad road and in the north of Garmsar Mountain there is a mountain known as the Dragon Mountain for its apparent appearance.

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  • Rudbarak of Semnan

    Rudbarak is located in the northeast of Semnan province and the margin of Mazandaran. The geographical position of Rudbarak has created one of the beautiful and beautiful landscapes with beautiful vegetation that provides beautiful scenery for travelers and tourists in the province.

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  • khatir kohe

    khatir kohe is Village in 60 km north of Mahdishhar County in Semnan province.

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  • Forbidden hunting area Taloo Shirband

    The hunting area is not limited to Taloo Shirband, located 12 kilometers north-east of Damghan.

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  • White fork hunting area Mount Arsac

    The forbidden hunting area of White Mount Arask is located northwest of Damghan on the Tehran-Mashhad road.

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  • Khanar forbidden hunting area

    Khanar forbidden hunting area is located 22 km northwest of Semnan city and northeastern Garmsar city.

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  • National Park Turan

    Turan or Kharturan protected area consists of three protected areas, located at the end of the eastern province of Semnan and 250 km southeast of Shahrood city, near Khorasan province.

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    The Tepal forbidden hunting area is a mountainous region and plain located in the northwest of Shahrood.

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  • Forbidden hunting area of Shirin Chah

    The forbidden hunting ground of Shihin Chah is located 70 km south-east of Semnan with a height of 2300 m.

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  • Parvar protected area

    Parvar protected area located in Semnan province and a small part in Mazandaran province.

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