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  • kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall

    kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall are among the wonderful and beautiful attractions of this province located in the foothills of the mountains of Silom, and at the same time anonymity is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran

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  • Abbasir Mount Golz-e-Dhana, Dena

    Bashar Kouh Golna Dena is located in the territory of tha Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province and is considered one of the magnificent natural attractions of Zagros.

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  • Abashar DeheBar of Sun Yasouj

    DeheBar Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad.

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  • Tonge Kherqe waterfall

    Tonge Kherqe comprising of a beautiful waterfall and a green valley is situated on the twenty fourth kilometer of Firouzabad to Farashband road.

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  • Kafe Khonj Lake

    This lake has an area of one hundred and thirty square kilometers and is situated near Khonj town in Fars province.

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  • Boof Cave

    Boof Cave is placed in the southwest of Zagros Mountains, north west of Fars province and 100 kilometers from a direct line from Persian Gulf.

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  • Dare-Al waterfall

    Dare al is one of the most important natural attractions of Khorasan-e Razavi

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  • Dalankooh mountain

    3950 M

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  • Karkas summit

    Karkas summit rises to an elevation of 3,895 m. From this mountainous area seasonal rivers take their source.

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  • English version Test

    Especially in Iran, where what is permissible — to say, to do, to be seen to say or do — is an ever changing thing. It took us many years of trying before we were finally allowed into Iran, the country with which we .... All Rights Reserved

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  • Hugh Alborz Hills

    Hugh Cave is located in the northwestern part of Hwu and in the Wassawar Recreation Valley. This cave is located in blocks of limestone rocks with the age of approximately twenty-five million years, known as Rute limestone. This, of course, does not mean the age of the formation of the cave, and the evidence suggests that its cave is very young.

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  • Gar wet ice Alborz

    Yakhmrard cave is located near the Azadbar village and the old village of Gachsar and Chalous Road, which is approximately 65 kilometers from Tehran. Tourists who want to have a full visit to the Chalous Road Tourism Attractions, it is better to visit and view the Ice Cave.

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  • Taleghan Sangan Stone

    Kaleh Stone Stone Cave is one of the natural attractions of Alborz province, located in the mountains of Taleghan in the mountains of the same name near the villages of Sohan and Arthon.

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  • Lahwan Cave 2. Alborz

    Lalun Cave, also referred to as the Lalan Cave, is considered one of the natural attractions of Alborz Province, located in the southwest of Lalun Village, in the province of Savojbolagh in Alborz province. The mouth of the Lalan cave lies at a height of 400 meters inside the high cliffs.

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  • Bagh-e-Alborz

    Bazjan Cave in Taleghan is located 120 km from Tehran. In the past, the Bijan Cave was used as a shelter. This is evident from the gate, the viewpoint, as well as the place of residence and the rest that exists in the cave. The length of the cave is 25 meters.

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  • Alborz Larkar mountain

    The peak of Lavar is about 3560 meters above sea level in the highlands of northern Tehran and in the mountain range of the resort; this mountain is one of the sources of the river Khan

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  • The Seven-wise Al-Baraz

    The beautiful and magnificent peak of the Seven-Juan on the Chalous road is 40 km from Karaj. From the several paths you can climb the summit, which is referred to below.

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  • Vorousht Alborz

    Voroush peak with a height of 4100 meters is one of the high peaks of the Alborz mountain range located in the central Alborz Mountains in the Light section and on the edge of the Chalus Road.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is one of the tallest peaks of the Taleghan. It is located on the north side of it, on top of which there are important mountains such as Sayalan Naz and Kahar, Dorfak and Arzhang, and Takht Solayman Mountains. Shah Alborz is located between Taleghan valley and Alamut.

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  • Taleqan Kalle Sang mountain

    Kaleh Sang mountainous area includes a number of peaks and all-stone blacks located in the north of the village of Sohan, Taleghan city, and is considered by climbers.

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