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Eco Tourism

  • Tar & Havir lake

    Tectonic lakes of Tar and Havir are located in 30 km of the east of Damavand Township. They are mountainous fresh water lakes.

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  • Eram Park lake

    9 acres with a lake area features fishing, sailing and ...

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  • Imamzade Ali lake

    Imamzade Ali Lake is located in Ab-Ask District, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Boornik cave

    The Bournik cave is located in around height of Bournik valley. Its height is about 2000meters above the sea level and 100meters from the Bournik plain.

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  • Hiv Caves

    Hiv Caves is located in Tehran Province.

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  • Gole Zard Cave

    Gol-e-Zard Cave is one the most Beautiful caves near Tehran.

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  • Hamelon Caves

    Hamelon Caves in located in Fasham District, Tehra, IRan.

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  • Cheshmeh A‘la Spring

    Cheshmeh A‘la is a mineral spring located about 4 km north of the city of Damavand, Iran.

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  • Meygoon ice climbing school

    Meygoon ice climbing school is Located in Tehran Province.

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  • Shah Neshin Peak

    Shah-Neshin (3875m) is accessible from Tochal main ridge, Hezarcham path and south (Abshar-Dogholoo) ridge.

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  • Tangare Tamaradi Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    Tang Tamaradi is one of the most beautiful and exciting attractions in the province of Takkiloba and Boyer Ahmed, 50 km west of Yasuj, on the path to the Sepidar Road.

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  • Mahrain Yasouj Strait

    Mehriyan Strait is one of the attractions of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, located five kilometers from Yasuj city, and therefore the proximity to the city has become a tourist destination.

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  • Tangol Salt Protected Area

    Tang-Sulak Protected Area is another natural attraction of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. There are six permanent springs and two seasonal springs in this area

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  • Dena Strong Protected Area

    : Dena Protected Area with an area of 92,967 hectares is one of the natural attractions of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed; this area is a completely mountainous area with a height of 3,000 meters in height of the highest and lowest points in the area. . It has no high peaks, huge walls and deep valleys.

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  • Non-hunted hunting ground Yasuj

    : Yasuj prohibited hunting ground At the beginning of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, on the right side of the moon of Parviz, its height is 2500 meters above sea level.

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  • Azashar Strait Tamaradi Boyer Ahmad

    Tang Tamaradi Waterfall is one of the most exciting attractions of Takkiloba and Boyer Ahmed Province, 50 kilometers west of Yasouj City, on the path to the Sepidar Road.

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  • Bahram Beygi Tokkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    The Bahram Beyqi Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Jasim-e-Nawas around Yasouh and is about 35 meters high at altitudes.

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  • Yasouj Boyer Ahmad

    Yasuj waterfall is one of the natural attractions around Yasouj, two kilometers north of the city, with an altitude of about 10 meters.

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  • kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall

    kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall are among the wonderful and beautiful attractions of this province located in the foothills of the mountains of Silom, and at the same time anonymity is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran

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  • Abbasir Mount Golz-e-Dhana, Dena

    Bashar Kouh Golna Dena is located in the territory of tha Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province and is considered one of the magnificent natural attractions of Zagros.

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