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Eco Tourism

  • Lar Lake

    Lar Dam is a dam located at the foot of Mount Damavand in Mazandaran, Iran that is well known in world for its natural fields.

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  • Taleghan lake

    Taleghan lakes construction perpose is controlling spring water of Taleghan Rood and irrigation of Qazvin plain as well as maintain table water of Karaj and Tehran.

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  • Lar Dam

    Lar Dam is a dam located at the foot of Mount Damavand in Mazandaran, Iran that is well known in world for its natural fields.

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  • Yakh Morad Cave

    Yakh Morad Cave is one of the ideal destinations for winter tourism and it offers a good opportunity for ecotourists to visit this beautiful cave.

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  • Bande Yakhchal

    Bande Yakhchal is in northen of Tehran, Iran and Cause of the rocks, many climbers used to go there .usually

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  • Pol-e-Khab climbing cliff

    Pole Khab is the name of a famous climbing cliff about 35Km north to Karaj city with the top height of 2350m, and about 200m top-down height.

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  • Abnik icy waterfall

    This waterfall is located at the end of Abnik valley , close to a beautiful gorge and it is very suitable palace for Ice climbing training.

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  • Sefid Rud River Rafting

    Sefidrood river (grade 3) is located in Gilan province and it is suitable for rafting and kayaking.

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  • Haraz River Rafring

    Haraz river (grade 4 or 5) is located near Tehran and it is suitable for professional kayaking and rafting.

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  • Rudbar-e Qasran

    Roodbar Qasran, in the suburbs of Tehran, is a beautiful mountainous region with a very fine weather. It is actually one of the districts of Shemiran in north of Tehran.

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  • Fossil Abad Area, Desert National Park

    In the southeast of the National Park, the desert is a regional hill-like region that has fossilized species that has created very sophisticated and magnificent landscapes. The existence of these fossils is very important in terms of natural history as well as training in the desert.

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  • Keyoure Egypt

    Egypt is a village called Khor and Biabanak in the province of Isfahan. The village is located in the desert of Iran's desert, 45 km east of Jandag and 60 km north of the Khor. The village of Egypt or the Egyptian desert is located right in the middle of Damghan to Nain and Isfahan. The Egyptian desert is near the village, which has attracted tourists in recent years.

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  • Rig Shagh (Kavir Matin Abad)

    Mithin Abad, a desert or mountain range, is a desert region surrounded by rivers in the northern city of Badrud and northeastern Echo of Matin Abad camp in Isfahan province.

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  • Kavir Regig Gen

    Kevir Regigan is known as the most mysterious and one of the most scary regions in Iran, and is located in the southwest and west of the Kavir plain. There are sandy hills and salt marshes in the Quiryir district, which is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Iran.

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  • tabageKhor kavir (Namak siyah kavir)

    tabageKhor kavir is located at the northern end of the eastern part of Isfahan province and in the north of Yazd province. This quarry region has black colored salts that are located on the island island among white salt platforms and are famous for the desert floor.

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  • kavir Jandagh

    Kavir Jandagh is a desert desert in the west of Jandag city and is one of the most famous deserts of Isfahan province. Kavir Jandag is in fact one of the functions of the city of Khor Weibanbak, which has straits and salt marshes and is located in the Neighborhood of the Ridge Elk. Scattered peatlands and salt marshes are abundant in this area.

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  • Khara (Kavir Varzaneh)

    ): Kavir Khara, known as Kavar Vazneh, is one of the provinces of Isfahan Province, located 100 kilometers east of Isfahan and 150 kilometers west of Yazd. Kavir Khara, which is known as Kahir Varzaneh among naturalists, is one of the provinces of Isfahan province, located 100 kilometers east of Isfahan and 150 kilometers west of Yazd.

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  • Kavir Maranjab

    Kavir Maranjab, also known as the Ring Road, is one of the famous Iranian quarries located in the north of the city of Aran and Bidgol, located in the city of Kashan. Due to its proximity to Tehran and its special features, Kareer Maranjab is the destination of many nature tourism tours.

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  • International Gavkhuni Wetland

    Gavkhuni International Wetland, also known as Gavkhoni Swamp, is one of the attractions of the central Iranian plateau tourism, a large part of which is located in Isfahan province and the rest is located in Yazd province. This lagoon has rich biological resources and is a refuge for migratory birds, which is considered as one of the attractions of the province of Isfahan.

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  • The Ahab and Bidgol forbidden hunting ground

    Ajhab forbidden hunting area located in Aran and Bidgol is one of the forbidden hunting areas of Isfahan province. Among the most important plant species of the protected area of Isfahan are: Artemisia, Quercus, Pen, Cycle, Nasi, Gon, Parand, Tahis, Ashnian, Jazz, Almond Mountain, Cygnus, Cia Guinea, Esfand, Tears, Dandruff and ... Made

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