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Eco Tourism

  • Dasht-e-Havij

    Dasht-e-Havij or Carrot Plain (2400 meters above sea level) is a scenic area enjoying pleasant weather in north of Afjeh village, about 1 hour drive from Tehran. and then hiking to the plain will take around 3-4 hours

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  • Shirpala hut

    Shirpala hut is a beautiful place in Darband that include restaurants and you can enjoy spending time in an endless views of nature.

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  • Tochal

    Tochal is a mountain in the Alborz range and a ski resort adjacent to metropolitan Tehran, Iran.

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  • Kolakhal Peak

    Kolak Chal is a 10,883 ft / 3,317 m mountain peak near Tehran.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is a mountain peak in Alborz range in Iran At an elevation of 4,200 metres.

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  • Daarabad Peak

    Darabad peak and ridgeline are part of the Tochal ridgeline which extends from Ghoochak pass on the east to Lavarak peak on the west.

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  • Kholeno Peaks & Jhandark Needles

    The Kholeno Peaks rise in the geographical heart of the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran.

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  • Kholeno mountain

    Kholeno is located in Noor mountains ridgelines a sub division of central Alborz, limited by Karaj-Chaloos road from west, Gachsar-Dizin-Meeygoon road from south, Baladeh road from north and end tips of the ridges from east.

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  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno

    kharsang Kooh is located in Tehran province and its name has been used in reference to many of the peaks that rise to the north of the village of Garmabdar

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  • Borj Peak

    On the crest of the ridgeline south of the Kholeno Peaks in the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran, you will find two rocky peaks. The north peak is known as Borj.

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  • The Ahab and Bidgol forbidden hunting ground

    Afoush dam is located 40 km southwest of this city in Isfahan Province and has become one of the natural attractions of Isfahan.

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  • Ashcham-e-Ladar Waterfall(Laddor)

    Cheshmeh-Ladar Waterfall (Cheshme-Ladar Waterfall) Khomeini-Shahr is one of the attractions of Isfahan's naturalistic attractions.

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  • Tama Natanz waterfall

    Taraam waterfall is located in the middle of Kashan to Isfahan and on the slopes of Karsca Mountain and is considered as one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Isfahan province.

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  • Abbasad Sadahna Samirm

    Sadehna waterfall is located 30 km from Semiram Road to Hana and near the Henna Dam. Sadehna waterfall is beside the dam and its lake and it is also suitable for wild goose, ducks and other migratory birds. The Hana Lake, located in the southeast of the city of Semirom, stores 50 million cubic meters of water annually and is the carp farming site.

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  • Kashan Naser's WATERFALL

    Niasar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran, located in the historic city of Niasar. Niasar Waterfall alongside the beautiful and beautiful Niasar Village is one of the attractions of Kashan's tourism that brings together nature and history enthusiasts in one place.

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  • Pootk Samirm WATERFALL

    The height of the Samarkand Potok Falls is about 2,424 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is possible to say that the Dotan Waterfall is located in the mountainous region of Isfahan province. Potock Waterfall Cascade is located at 3.5 km Dena Protected Area and 4 km away from the Sepah Water Reservoir Station with a special position. The height of the Potock Waterfall is about 15 meters, and the way to reach it is a little difficult.

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  • Fereydoun Shahr Ponehzar waterfall

    Poonehzar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Isfahan, located 25 kilometers west of Fereydoun Shahr. The Poonehzar Waterfall in Isfahan is known as the Punehaz Waterfall due to the growth of Puneh in its waterways.

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  • Samirim waterfall

    Isfahan AbeMalakh waterfall is one of the strangest waterfalls in Iran, located 60 km from the city of Semirom and in front of the village of Malkhan water. The special compounds in the water of the grasshopper waterfall cause all the locusts to be destroyed locally, hence the name of this village and its source, locust beer.

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  • Shahlura (Shahlulak) Shrine waterfall

    Shaloura's beautiful waterfall is located five kilometers south of the city of Kharmayn and its access to the city is exclusively from the city of Kharmayhan. This natural attraction, also known as the Shah Lolak Charmhine Falls, is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Isfahan, with its height of 70 meters.

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  • Fereydoun Shahr Dvrk waterfall

    Dvrk waterFalls is one of the waterfalls in Isfahan province, located near the village of Doukk, which is located on the postcurve of Fereydoun Shahr, and flies from a tall stone wall to the bottom.

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