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Eco Tourism

  • Damavand Mountain

    Mount Damavand is an active volcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East as well as the highest volcano in Asia

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  • Cheshmeh-Ali

    Cheshmeh-Ali ("Spring of Ali") is an ancient recreational place, located in the south of Tehran and north of Rey.

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  • Kan Creek

    Kan Creeks primary source is from the west of Tochal. The creek navigates downstream to Kan village and Metropolitan Tehran passing by Eram Park and Azadi Sport Complex until reaching the southern outskirts of Tehran where the stream dries.

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  • Ab’ali village

    Abali village is located in Northeastern Tehran and North of Damavand in a mountainous-valley area in an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level. Ab’ali has a moderate climate with very cold winters.

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  • Souhan Village

    Souhan Village is one of the most famous and beautiful in Taleghan County (centeral-southern zones), Alborz Province, Iran. It is located on the 4 K.m distance at in the north of Taleghan dam. Its elevation is about 2100 M

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  • Tangeh Savashi

    Tangeh Savashi or Tangeh Vashi is a gorge and mountain pass in the Alborz range of Iran (Persia). It is a popular tourist attraction in Tehran Province. it is a narrow mountain pass in the Alborz range. The narrow gorge was created by a perennial stream which comes down from a series of waterfalls upstream

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  • Ahar village

    Ahar is a village in Rudbar-e Qasran Rural District, Rudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 702, in 232 families.

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  • Herandeh village

    Harandeh is a village in Shahrabad Rural District, in the Central District of Firuzkuh County, Tehran Province, Iran.

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  • Oushan-Fasham

    This area (locally called Oushoun-Fasham) lies in Roudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County. Oushan-Fasham-Meigoun (also called Qasran) is a garden city 25 kilometers north east of Tehran en route Lashkarak Road

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  • Khor Waterfall

    The waterfall with a height of about 50 meters at 2800 meters is located near the village of Khor. Khur Waterfall is a 30m height waterfall in Central Elburz mountains. It is accessible from Karaj Chalous road

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  • Semirom Bibi Sidan waterfall

    Samiar Bibi Seidan Waterfall is located in a village in the same name, 30 km from Semirom. The features of the Bibi Sidan Waterfall are Semirom Valley, which can be accessed from the cute spring of Samirim and you can see the pristine nature through this path.

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  • Niasar's Cave (Nichesh's Cavern)

    Niasar Cave, also referred to as the Cave of Hazar-Wes, or "Wa'esh's End," or "Cave of the Chief", is located 30 kilometers west of the city of Kashan and above the village of Niasar. The characteristics of this cave are human beings. In such a way that air deficiency is not felt at any point in the Niaser Cave, and even in the deepest parts of it, ventilation is done naturally.

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  • Alwajidh Sangriz cave

    Alwijde Sangriz Cave is one of the natural attractions of Isfahan, located 15 km east of Alwajijeh, and is one of the most beautiful caves in Isfahan. The height of the mouth of the cave of the cave of the al-Awijij mountain range is 1840 meters deep and the depth of the well is 25 meters above the surface of the earth and has a crater of about 5 meters

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  • Alwijj calcareous cave

    Akwiyah limestone cave is located in the northwest of Isfahan, in the magnificent Alaviyya caves

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  • Isfahan Fereydoon cave

    In 18 kilometers west of the arrows, there is a cave in the mountains of that cave area, which is dug in the tunnel cave by the ancient people, which is difficult to find with modern tools.

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  • Natanz Kalhorod cave

    Kalahrood Cave is located in the beautiful village of Kalahrood, 85 km north of Isfahan. Kalahrood Cave Natanz is one of the natural attractions of Isfahan, which lies on the slopes of the Karkas Mountains.

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  • Shahr-e-Reza shah ghandab cave

    The beautiful cave of Shah Ghandab is located in the south-east of Shahreza and is one of the most beautiful caves in Isfahan province. In the Shah Qandab Shahreza Shahreza cave lies a spring that is not waterable; on the roof of Shah Qandab Cave, there are various forms of beauty like the tiger's skin.

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  • Dengzlo, Semirom cave

    Dengzloo Cave is located in the northeastern part of Dena Mountain, near the village of Dengzloo, and is one of the important water resources of the Padena area. The cave of Dengzloo Semirom is known as Ali Asdar in Isfahan due to the current flow of water and you should use the boat to visit it.

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  • Baba Jaber Delijan cave

    Baba Jaber Cave is located on the northern slopes of Mount Baba Jaber, 53 km southwest of Delijan.

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  • Gonbad Bazjanjan

    Gonbad Bazjanjan is considered as one of the natural attractions of Kerman province. In the center of the Bazjanjan leaf, four gonbadennames of the Hormuz series have landed on the earth, with its two large, one large plain in the eastern south of the dome.

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