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  • Zolbin Wetland

    Zolbin Wetland is one of the tourist attractions of East Azarbaijan province, located 24 kilometers west of Hashtrood city, between the villages of Zolbin, Qawpos and Qaleh Jouq, and is enclosed in farmland in the village of Zolbin.

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  • Mahi Abad Mianeh Wetland

    Mahiabad Wetland is one of the tourist attractions and recreational attractions of East Azarbaijan, located 20 kilometers northwest. Mahi Abad wetland is a seasonal wetland and has agricultural use and is used in migratory birds during wet periods.

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  • Deli Khalil Qaraghaj WaterFall

    Deli Khalil Qaraghaj Waterfall is located in the East Azarbaijan province and is considered one of the natural attractions and recreational attractions of East Azarbayejan. The upper hand of the grassland waterfall and the lower part are abandoned, which both create a scenic natural scenery.

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  • Shoordareh Tabriz salt dome

    Shoordareh Tabriz salt dome is located 8 kilometers north of Tabriz. The rocks in the salt dome are red and gray marls with the middle of the middle Miocene. Salt layers are mainly red, pink, dark gray Brown and white.

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  • Ghareaghaj Tabriz salt dome

    Ghareaghaj Tabriz salt dome is 7 km west of the village of Qaraghaj and inside the mid-Miocene marl. Salt layers are coarse-grained crystals and are red, dark gray and white in color.

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  • Ghezeljeh Tabriz salt dome

    Ghezeljeh Tabriz salt dome is one kilometer northwest of Ghezeljeh, whose rocks contain gray and red Miocene marls and rising along the Tasvij fault and its salt is used by locals.

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  • Mazraeeh Salt dome of Tabriz

    Mazraeeh Field dome is located 3 km north of the province, 21 km northwest of Tabriz, within the marls surrounding the middle Miocene period.

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  • Tabriz Spiran Dash Salt Dome

    Spiran Dash Dome, 6 kilometers southwest, is located at the foot of the Spiran Dash near the waterway inside the middle mid-marl. The salt of this dome has been exploited by locals in the past.

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  • The salt dome of Monroe Shabestar

    The salt dome of Monavar is considered to be one of the attractions of the tourist and tourism of East Azarbaijan Province, located 4 km south of the village of Monoor. The dome of Nakhid Moravar has a reddish purple and gray color with a middle Miocene age. Is .

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  • Khajeh Salt Dome, Tabriz

    In the southwest of Khajeh section, the mid-Miocene marls of Khajeh salt dome are located in which there is an open-air mining mine. The color of the salt stains is red, purple, honey, gray, and so on.

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  • Kamjel Canyon

    Kamje is a beautiful canyon at the north of Iran. You Should have canyoning equipments to descent Kamjel.

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  • Velayat Rud village

    Velayat Rud (Persian: ولايترود‎, also Romanized as Velāyat Rūd; also known as Valātrūdis a village in Nesa Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran.

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  • Borj Peak

    On the crest of the ridgeline south of the Kholeno Peaks in the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran, you will find two rocky peaks. The north peak is known as Borj.

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  • Meygoon ice climbing school

    Meygoon ice climbing school is Located in Tehran Province.

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  • Khojir National Park

    Khojir and Sorkheh hesar national park with an area of 9380 hectares stand at an attitude of 1547 m. above sea-level, besides Tehran city.

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  • Shekarab Waterfall

    After Ahar village, the remaining distant must be taken on foot beside gardens of Ahar village, through a green valley. Shekarab district is one of summer regions in South Alborz Mountains where because of numerous water sources and beautiful waterfall is always of interest.

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  • Shahrestanak Village

    "Shahrestanak" dream village called Peak Resort in northern central part of the functions Shahrestanak Karaj with a long history. Tortuous mountain road and etc.

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  • Ahar village

    Ahar is a village in Rudbar-e Qasran Rural District, Rudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 702, in 232 families.

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  • Lar National Park

    Lar National park is an indicative example of the mountainous habitats in the western slopes of mount Damavand extending in the two provinces of Mazandaran and Tehran.

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  • Hamelon summits

    'Hamlon or Hamelon mount is located in Fasham district, Tehran, Iran.

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