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Eco Tourism

  • Sangan Village

    Sangan is located in mountainous and beautiful zone. There is a beautiful waterfall in Sangan which can be accessed by 2 or 3 hours of climbing.

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  • Barg-e Jahan Village

    The village enjoys cool summers and is therefore used as a recreational village for those living in busy Tehran, especially in summer season.

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  • Shemshak village

    Shemshak is located in mountainous zone with cool climate and welcomes many tourists every year.

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  • Shekarab Waterfall

    After Ahar village, the remaining distant must be taken on foot beside gardens of Ahar village, through a green valley. Shekarab district is one of summer regions in South Alborz Mountains where because of numerous water sources and beautiful waterfall is always of interest.

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  • Laloun (Lalan) cave

    Laloun (Lalan) cave Is located in southwest of Laloon village ,Tehran. The entrance of the cave is at an altitude of 400 meters in the high cliffs.

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  • Ayine Varzan waterfall

    AyineVarzan village is divided into two parts that offer two completely different space for your travel and leisure. The downstream Plain with fruit trees and upstream mountains increase the beauty of waterfall and the gorge.

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  • Davoud Shrine Waterfall

    Davoud Shrine (also know as Imamzadeh Davood) Waterfall Is located in 15km of Farahzad, Tehran.

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  • Osun waterfall

    Osun is a beautiful area of the northern Tehran, which is its beautiful waterfall and natural rivers increase the beauty of its mountains.

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  • Heydar valley (Rendan) waterfall

    The waterfall is 40 meters high. To get to the waterfall must enter through the village and the valley route and move up at river in the opposite direction. After about an hour walk you can reach to the waterfall.

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  • Dogholou (Twin) waterfall

    Like other seasonal waterfalls in Tehran, this waterfall formed by melting snow in the spring and summer season. This waterfall is located on at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level rise, close to the Shyrpla shelter and the main route to the Tochal.

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  • Parak National News

    The national park with an area of about 150 thousand hectares is considered one of the largest national parks in Iran located in Kerman province.

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  • National Park of Qatrooyeh

    National Park of Qatrooyeh and Bahram Gour Protected Area in the east of the city of Nayriz, on the border of Fars and Kerman, and in the political area of Kerman, Yazd and Fars provinces, and is the main site of the Iranian Zebra Zebra.

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  • Protected area of Jupar Mountain

    Jupar protected area is located south of Kerman city and is considered as the natural attraction of this province. The protected area of Mount Jupar flows north to Mahan and Jupar cities, west to Bahramjard village and southwest to Kerman Bam Railway.

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  • Mahrooyeh Kerman Wildlife Refuge

    Kerman's "Mehrooyeh" Wildlife Refuge, with an area of 55,831 hectares, is one of the protected wildlife sanctuaries in the central area of the country.

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  • Protected area of copper

    Protected area of copper is located 205 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital and 20 kilometers south of Bam city and covers an area of 45800 hectares.

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  • Protected area of Kerman province

    Protected area of Bidoyi province of Kerman province with an area of 168033 hectares; since 1996 it has been known as one of the protected areas of Kerman.

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  • A protected region Anjrk and rober, Kerman

    Anjar and Rabar protected hunting area is located in Kerman province. The hunting area of Anjar Rabbat was selected and protected in 1366. The highest peak of this region is 2809 meters high

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  • Rochon Kerman Wildlife Refuge

    Rochon Kerman Wildlife Refuge within the city of Baft is clustered in the National Park and contains 5 sections.

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  • Abashar Feiz Abad Rawar

    Faizabad Abad Kerman Province is located 45 km northwest of Ravar, in the upper part of Faizabad village, about 2 km from Feyzabad to Oliya. The cascade flooded down the slope of the wall.

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  • Abashar three cornne (Mahan) Mahan

    Three Kanj (Caspian) waterfall Mahan is one of the most famous walkways in Kerman; a mountainous and mountainous region with two beautiful waterfalls and adjoining mountains suitable for climbing.

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