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Eco Tourism

  • Talab topragh kandi

    Atabalab is a short distance from the penetration of the water of the river Aras and several small and large springs located on the southwest side of the wetland. This wetland has an area of 15 hectares.

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  • Nodeh Waterfall

    Naddeh Khalkhal waterfall is located 4 km east of the village with the same name in Hashjin area. The village of Node is 15 km from Hashjin (the center of Khorishstem section) on the southern slope of Mount Agh Dagh (3303 m high) with a beautiful view of the waterfalls, valleys and forests, the green and beautiful head.

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  • Noshar wetland

    Nowshar seasonal wetland is located 35 km south-east of Ardebil and 4 km southwest of Noshahr village (Noshahr).

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  • The Aghbolagh Osko Mountains

    Osko County is one of the richest provinces in terms of mineral water and springs, and the Springs of Agh Bolagh is located in the village of Ensarod, and the water of this spring, which flows through two channels with relatively low pressure from the hill It's super cool.

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  • Akhdaghi MOuntain

    Kouh Akhdaghi with a height of 2460 meters in the area of Khalkhal city, Rostam Khouvesh district, Kowsar Rostam Nastan village and 15 km south of Khalkhal city center

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  • Shitansar Mountain

    Shitanser mountain with a height of 2002 meters located in the city of Khalkhal, Shahrood district, Shal district and 45 km southeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Asie Sireh mount

    Mount Espah Sireh with a height of 2473 m is located in Khalkhal city, central part, eastern Sangbod district and 10 km northeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Cave of Seven Homes

    : Haftekhan Cave is located in the southwest of Khalkhal city and north of the village of ghost village at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level.

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  • Ghachagheh Mountain

    Ghachagheh Mountain with a height of 2760 meters is located in the city of Ardabil, Namin district, southern villa village, 17 km northeast of the center of Hir district.

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  • Mount Arjane

    Mount Arjaneh with a height of 2995 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, Sangbod district, Northern Sangbod district and 32 km north of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Souhan Village

    Souhan Village is one of the most famous and beautiful in Taleghan County (centeral-southern zones), Alborz Province, Iran. It is located on the 4 K.m distance at in the north of Taleghan dam. Its elevation is about 2100 M

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  • Sangan waterfall

    Sangan Waterfall is a waterfall located near Sangan Village, 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Tehran.

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  • Jelizjand village

    It is a lush village with fertile fields and a water-filled river. Travelers to Tangeh Vashi must pass through this village.

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  • Hamelon Caves

    Hamelon Caves in located in Fasham District, Tehra, IRan.

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  • Herandeh village

    Harandeh is a village in Shahrabad Rural District, in the Central District of Firuzkuh County, Tehran Province, Iran.

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  • Ayine Varzan waterfall

    AyineVarzan village is divided into two parts that offer two completely different space for your travel and leisure. The downstream Plain with fruit trees and upstream mountains increase the beauty of waterfall and the gorge.

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  • Roudafshan village

    Roudafshan village with a beautiful landscape of walnut trees and orchards of apple, plum and grape, has given special beauty to the village.

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  • Barg-e Jahan waterfall

    arge Jahan is one of the waterfalls in Lavasanat area, Tehran Province, Iran.

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  • Kamard seasonal waterfall

    Kamard waterfall is located at the end of a valley covered with elm trees, plane trees and barberry. This waterfall has water only in spring, but the beauty of this area is not limited to a season.

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  • Pas e Qaleh village

    In the most northerly points of Tehran there is a recreational village with cool climate known as Pas e Qaleh. The village dates back to before the advent of Islam.

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