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Cultural Tourism

  • Kournasion Bath (Dezfuol Museum of Anthropology)

    Kournasion Bath is one of the beautiful Qajar architecture buildings in Dezfuol, located in the center of the Corniche neighborhood and in the northernmost part of the old texture. The Kournasion bath became the Dezfuol Museum of Anthropology in 2006 and is now visited by tourists.

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  • Church of Sourt Garap

    The Armenian Church of the Holy Carpathians is one of the national attractions and attractions of Abadan, which always hosts a large number of tourists and tourists. It is under the supervision of the Caliphate Council of the Armenians of the South and Isfahan. The number 8352 was registered on May 9, 2003 in the national list of Iran.

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  • Moin al-Tajar House of Ahwaz

    The house of Moin el-Tajar, also known as Sheikh Khazal's House, is a historic home from the Qajar era, located along the Karun River and a metal bridge in Ahwaz, and as one of the historical works Ahwaz is known.

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  • Afzal Shoshtar Caravanserai

    Afzal Shoshtar Caravansary is one of the historical attractions of Khuzestan and is related to the Qajar period, which is traditionally based on traditional architecture. Shushtar's inn consists of one floor or shelter (underground) and one of the safest Shushtar caravansaries, which has remained largely invulnerable to occupation.

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  • Salasel Castle in Shoshtar

    Salasel castle is located in the Khuzestan province and in the northwest of Shoshtar city near the Shatit River. The castle dates back to some Sassani traditions. But according to Rawlinson, this castle is not the old castle of the Sassanid era.

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  • Castle Da and Dokhtar

    Castle Da and Dokhtar in northern Ramhormoz are on the road belt and on the gypsum mountains at an altitude of about 600 meters. This castle is similar to the Roman castle around the Mediterranean Sea, according to archaeologists belonging to the Sassanid period.

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  • Arjan Castle Behbahan

    Arjan castle is located in Behbahan city. The castle of Arjan Behbahan during the Sassanid era and defended against the invasion of Arabs in the northwestern part of Behbahan by Ariberzan, who is said to be in the Roman language of Aryubrzan.

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  • Museum of War of Khorramshahr

    To the left of Karoon River on Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Khorramshahr, Holy Defense Museum of Khorramshahr. The museum narrates the deadly defense days of the people of Khorramshahr and Warriors in repossession of Khorramshahr and the country's territory from the enemy.

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  • Moin al-Tajar Caravanserai Ahwaz

    Moin El-Tajar Caravanserai or Mo'in al-Tajar Sari is one of the old buildings of Ahwaz, which dates back to the late Qajar period. This building was built by Bushehr Bushehr Haj Mohammad Taghi Moin al-Tajar and in collaboration with Mohammad Hassan Khan Saad al-Dawlah near the white bridge overlooking the shores of the Karun River.

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  • Abadan Museum

    Abadan Museum is one of the oldest Iranian museums that opened in 1338 with a collection of works from our period of prehistoric, historical, and works of the late periods to the Qajar period as well as works by artists from traditional workshops.

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  • Cinema Museum

    Housed in a Qajar-era mansion that includes Iran`s first cinema, the film museum has well-displayed and explained exhibits of equipment, photos and posters from Iran`s century-old movie industry.

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  • Shahid Beheshti Museum

    The project for the construction of a museum in the house of Martyr Beheshti which was launched in the year 1391 has been completed and the museum was opened on the martyrdom anniversary of Beheshti.

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  • Khanat Caravansary

    Khanat Caravansary in Amin-ol-Sultan square embodies the historical heart of Tehran.

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  • Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh

    Ghoorkhaneh gate (Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh) is located near Imam Khomeini Sq, Tehran.

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  • Darolfonoon High School

    Darolfonoon High School, established in 1851, was the first modern university and modern institution of higher learning in Persia (Iran).

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  • Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli

    Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli a combination of old Iranian architecture and is a symbol of contemporary Tehran.

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  • Time Museum

    Time Museum presents an interesting and absorbing collection of timekeepers.

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  • Shams-ol-Emareh Palace

    Shams-ol-Emareh Palace is located in the eastern section of Golestan palace and belongs to the era of Naser al-Din Shah.

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  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

    On the western side of Laleh park, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is in a striking concrete modernist building constructed during the shah`s rush to build modern landmarks in the 1970s.

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  • Qasr Garden Museum

    Qasr Garden Museum is a public museum located in police square. This beautiful garden decorated with modern and thought provoking artworks.

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