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  • Zahedan Pardis Laleh park

    Laleh Zahedan Campus Park is one of the main parks of this city that is located in the area of Health Boulevard. In the park of Laleh Campus, such features as outdoor climbing, sports facilities and children's playgrounds with good green space and good facilities for rest and recreation are considered.

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  • Park Yas Zahedan

    Yas Zahedan Park has 6,500 square meters of space and it is a special park of the city, because Yas is the first park in Zahedan, which has gone out of the traditional and flat Zahedan parks and turned into a broken state it was made.

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  • Zahedan Qui Quds Park

    Kuy Quds Park is considered as one of the good Zahedan parks with green space and suitable facilities that has been widely welcomed by citizens for many years due to its location in one of the best places in the city.

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  • Ahvaz amusment city of Laleh

    Laleh amusment city is one of the recreational centers of Ahvaz that is located on Madras Blvd.

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  • Rapal Ahwaz Stone Park (Rawal Koharsaran)

    If you are looking for excitement and adventure in the city on trip to Ahwaz, we suggest that you do not miss Raleigh Riding in Ahwaz Stone Park.

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  • The Karkheh Tourist Recreation Complex

    Karkheh Tourist Recreational Complex is one of the attractions of the tourism industry in Shoush whose first phase consists of the construction of 50 family resting pads, a wood-dining hall, a boat ride, cafe, a town hall, traditional tea house Is

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  • Fajr Cultural Recreation Center of Ahvaz

    After surfing in Ahwaz and its attractions, it is not bad for the variety to go to the Fajr Recreational Complex. In this complex, you can have features like carting, paintball, town hall, children's park and more.

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  • Sarbisheh Forest Park

    Sarbisheh Forest Park is one of the forest parks in the southern Khorasan province, which is located at the entrance to Sarbisheh city and at first glance the attention of every passer-by-passer passing by it.

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  • Qohestan-e-Qaeen Forest Park

    Qohestan-e-Qaeen Forest Park, with 117 hectares of plantation, is one of the largest forest parks in South Khorasan Province.

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  • Birjand Forest Park

    Birjand Forest Park is one of the recreational sites in the southern Khorasan which is adjacent to Mosalla Al-Mahdi; the utilization of the Birjand forest park has been delegated to the municipality by natural resources and watersheds.

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  • Azadi Cinema Complex

    Azadi Cinema Complex is a cineplex building located at Beheshti Street in Tehran. It serves for movie premieres and various entertainment events.

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  • Bame Tehran (Tehran`s Roof(

    If you want to have a full view over this huge city from above, this is probably the best place to go. This is the best walking hill in Tehran and You will have a magnificent view over city of Tehran.

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  • Andishe Park

    If you are looking for a good Park within center of Tehran, you can find the Andishe (Helal Ahmar) Park.

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  • Behesht-e-Madaran Park

    Behesht-e Madaran Garden Park (also known as women Park) is the first park in Tehran dedicated to women.

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  • Khavaran theater complex

    In Khavaran theater complex (also known as Tehran's Theater Pardis) a main hall with a capacity of 100 seats has been anticipated which is considered the largest theater hall in the country.

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  • Taleghani Park

    If you are looking for a good Forest Park within north of Tehran, you can find the Taleghani Park.

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  • Valiasr Avenue

    Valiasr Avenue is Tehran's longest avenue that connects its southernmost point to the furthest northern end. It is considered one of Tehran's main thoroughfares and commercial centers.

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  • Goftegoo park

    If you are looking for a good Garden Park within west of Tehran, you can find the Goftegoo park.

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  • Chitgar Park

    This park is very popular with the population of Tehran and Karaj, and being situated on the way of the West-East wind in the province it has a purifying effect on Tehran`s air.

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  • Eram zoo

    The Tehran Zoological Garden, also known as Eram Zoo, is located 4 kilometer on the Tehran - Karaj Expressway in the Eram amusement Park. This zoo covers an area of 5 hectares and housing over more than 290 species.

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