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Eco Tourism

  • Agh il Mount

    Mount Aghil is located at 2136 m in Ardabil city, Hire district, south of Fouladloo and 30 km southeast of Ardebil city center.

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  • Asma Chal Mountain

    As one of the other peaks of Khalkhal, Mount Asmu Chal is mentioned.

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  • Singadi MOunt

    Mount Sin Daghi with a height of 3367 m is located in Ardabil city, central part, Abargam village, 30 km southwest of Ardabil city center.

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  • Bandsangsari Mountain

    Mount Bandsangsari with a height of 2855 meters is located in Khalkhal city, Shahroud district, Palang village and 25 km south-east of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Gargar waterfall

    Gurgur Sabalan waterfall is about 12 meters high and 200 square meters is located on the northern slopes of Mount Sabalan.

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  • Shovir-Daghi Mount

    Mount Shuir Daghi, with a height of 2201 m, is located in Khalkhal city, Sangbod district, west of Sangbod district and 17 km northwest of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Hashim Mountain

    Mount Hashim with a height of 2111 meters is located in the city of Ardabil, Hire section, southern Fouladloo village and 30 km southeast of Ardebil city center.

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  • Mount of Ezno

    Mount Redo with a height of 2422 m is located in the city of Khalkhal, the central part, the eastern Kandibil village and 7 km south-east of Khalkhal city center.

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  • palang varMountain

    Mount Pelang var with a height of 2525 m is located in Khalkhal city, Shahrood district, Shal district and 45 km southeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Shuleh Lor Darreh si Waterfalls

    Shouleh Lor Daresi (in Farsi Valley of the Waterfalls) with dozens of large and small waterfalls is one of the most important points of the village of Qozlou.

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  • Daarabad Peak

    Darabad peak and ridgeline are part of the Tochal ridgeline which extends from Ghoochak pass on the east to Lavarak peak on the west.

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  • Laloun (Lalan) cave

    Laloun (Lalan) cave Is located in southwest of Laloon village ,Tehran. The entrance of the cave is at an altitude of 400 meters in the high cliffs.

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  • Chal Mahalle waterfall

    This waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that is more beautiful than other waterfalls in this area. This waterfall is also known as Chal Magas waterfall.

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  • Khor Waterfall

    The waterfall with a height of about 50 meters at 2800 meters is located near the village of Khor. Khur Waterfall is a 30m height waterfall in Central Elburz mountains. It is accessible from Karaj Chalous road

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  • Azadbar village

    Azadbar (also Romanized as Āzādbar) is a village in Nesa Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran. Azadbar village is located 60 kilometers of Chalous Road. This beautiful village is near Nesa villageon the left.

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  • Havir Village

    Havir is a submontane village with beautiful and rare sights and views. Fertile and green pastures, walnut and apple orchards, springs, waterfalls, lakes and interesting caves are this village attractions.

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  • Kan Creek

    Kan Creeks primary source is from the west of Tochal. The creek navigates downstream to Kan village and Metropolitan Tehran passing by Eram Park and Azadi Sport Complex until reaching the southern outskirts of Tehran where the stream dries.

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  • Shirpala hut

    Shirpala hut is a beautiful place in Darband that include restaurants and you can enjoy spending time in an endless views of nature.

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  • Kolakhal Peak

    Kolak Chal is a 10,883 ft / 3,317 m mountain peak near Tehran.

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  • Kond e Olya (Kaftarlou) waterfall

    To reach to waterfall there is a long way that passes through Kond-e-olya village and the valley covered by orchards. Aftar a few hours of hinking you can reach to waterfall.

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