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Eco Tourism

  • Zarin Mountain Taleghan protected area

    Zarin-kuh area is located in Taleghan area, which has been protected as protected areas by Decree No. 360 of the High Council of the Environment. It has many plant and animal species, as well as a magnificent landscape and landscape.

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  • Protected area of Karaj River

    Karaj protected river is a supplier of Tehran's drinking water, agricultural water of neighboring areas and source of electricity supply in the country. It has a hydrological structure and potentially biological potential due to its structure and its hydrological features.

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  • Alborz Hesar cave

    Hesar Cave is one of the caves of the Alborz mountain range with a stone wall located in the Sulqan area. It should be noted that to climb this 12 square meter cave, it is necessary to have equipment and technical equipment.

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  • Hugh Alborz Hills

    Hugh Cave is located in the northwestern part of Hwu and in the Wassawar Recreation Valley. This cave is located in blocks of limestone rocks with the age of approximately twenty-five million years, known as Rute limestone. This, of course, does not mean the age of the formation of the cave, and the evidence suggests that its cave is very young.

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  • Gar wet ice Alborz

    Yakhmrard cave is located near the Azadbar village and the old village of Gachsar and Chalous Road, which is approximately 65 kilometers from Tehran. Tourists who want to have a full visit to the Chalous Road Tourism Attractions, it is better to visit and view the Ice Cave.

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  • Taleghan Sangan Stone

    Kaleh Stone Stone Cave is one of the natural attractions of Alborz province, located in the mountains of Taleghan in the mountains of the same name near the villages of Sohan and Arthon.

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  • Lahwan Cave 2. Alborz

    Lalun Cave, also referred to as the Lalan Cave, is considered one of the natural attractions of Alborz Province, located in the southwest of Lalun Village, in the province of Savojbolagh in Alborz province. The mouth of the Lalan cave lies at a height of 400 meters inside the high cliffs.

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  • Bagh-e-Alborz

    Bazjan Cave in Taleghan is located 120 km from Tehran. In the past, the Bijan Cave was used as a shelter. This is evident from the gate, the viewpoint, as well as the place of residence and the rest that exists in the cave. The length of the cave is 25 meters.

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  • Alborz Larkar mountain

    The peak of Lavar is about 3560 meters above sea level in the highlands of northern Tehran and in the mountain range of the resort; this mountain is one of the sources of the river Khan

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  • The Seven-wise Al-Baraz

    The beautiful and magnificent peak of the Seven-Juan on the Chalous road is 40 km from Karaj. From the several paths you can climb the summit, which is referred to below.

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  • Imamzade Ali lake

    Imamzade Ali Lake is located in Ab-Ask District, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Shah Neshin Peak

    Shah-Neshin (3875m) is accessible from Tochal main ridge, Hezarcham path and south (Abshar-Dogholoo) ridge.

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  • Anderesm Canyon

    In Anderesm canyon Numbers of waterfalls and shape of canyon always change because of the number of floods every year.

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  • Davoud Shrine Waterfall

    Davoud Shrine (also know as Imamzadeh Davood) Waterfall Is located in 15km of Farahzad, Tehran.

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  • Jajrud protected area

    Jajrud protected area Located on southern slope Alborz Mountain range in Tehran Province, This 55118 ha area was designated protected area in 1982. the jajrud river flows in this mountainous rolling land whereas the Rudehen river forms the eastern border of the area.

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  • Shoormast Lake

    Shoormast (Shormast) Lake also (Persian: شورمست‎) is located in Savadkuh, Mazandaran Province.

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  • Afjeh Village

    Afjeh is a village in Lavasan-e Kuchak Rural District, Lavasanat District, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran.

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  • Amir Kabir Dam Lake

    Amir Kabir also known as Karaj dam, is a dam in Iran, located 63 kilometres (39 mi) northwest of Tehran and 23 kilometres (14 mi) north of Karaj.

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  • The Summits of Kalleh Sang

    The Kalleh Sang Summits (about 3400 m. elevation) is at the 4 K.m of the north of Souhan village (2100 m. elevation) such as great arc. It is between the west of Taleghan Central Alborz Summits with Taleghn dam and its lake.

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  • Cheshmeh-Ali

    Cheshmeh-Ali ("Spring of Ali") is an ancient recreational place, located in the south of Tehran and north of Rey.

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