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Urban Tourism

  • Pardis Razi Cinema

    Razi Cinema Complex is located near Razi Sq, Tehran.

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  • Kian Cinema Complex

    Kian Cinema Complex ( Also known as Pardis-e Kian Cinema) is located in south of Tehran.

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  • Kourosh cinema complex

    Kourosh Complex, located in Tehran, Iran, is one of the largest commercial and cultural buildings including the most exceptional cinema complex in the country.

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  • Pardis Shokoofeh Cinema

    Pardis Shokoofeh Cinema is located in Shohada Sq, Tehran.

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  • Cinema museum movie Hall

    Cinema museum whit 2 movie Hall is located in north of Tehran.

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  • Milad Tower Cinema Complex

    Milad Tower Cinema complex is located in Tehran's Milad Tower Area.

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  • Pardis Gholhak cinema

    Qolhak Cinema or Pardise Qolhak is located in north area of Tehran.

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  • Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex

    Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex (also known as Pardise Tiraje) is located in Tiraje 2 commercial center.

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  • Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex

    Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex contains four theater halls with 280 seats, a cinematheque with 30 seats, and space for holding exhibitions and marketing cultural products.

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  • Charsou Cinema Complex

    Charsou Cinema Complex with five Screens Located in center of Tehran.

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  • Pardisan Park

    Pardisan Park is a complex covering more than 270 hectares, located in the northwest of Tehran. It is connected to Hemmat Expressway in the north, and to Sheikh Nouri Expressway in the east.

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  • Laleh Park

    Laleh Park (Park-e Laleh) is a large recreation area of the Iranian capital Tehran.

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  • Brassan Recreation and Tourism Complex in Zahedan

    Brassan Tourism and Recreation Complex is located 5 km west of Zahedan on the road of Cheshme Ziyarat. Brassan Recreational Complex is among the recreational and tourist centers of Sistan and Balouchestan province, which has a variety of facilities for recreation, tour, and various events.

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  • Zahedan Recreational Recreation of Granada

    Recreational Complex Granaz Zahedan is one of the great recreational sites in the province of Sistan and Balouchestan located in the southwest of Zahedan.

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  • Zabul Wildlife

    Zabul Zoo is one of the recreational centers of the province of Sistan and Balouchestan, a subsidiary of the University of Zabol, and is the first research zoo in the country.

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  • Chabahar Women's Parks

    One of the city's special spaces for women and girls in the Chabahar Port, which has different parts including the green space, children's playground and entertainment, morning exercises, waterfalls, cactus gardens and pauses.

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  • Buestan Mother of Zabol

    Bustan Zabol Mother is the first women's park in Sistan va Baluchestan, where recreational facilities are available for use by women and girls. The women's park in Zabul is located on the north side of Mellat Park.

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  • Zahedan Amusement Lahla Park

    Zahedan The Laleh Cultural-Recreational Complex, which is also named as Zahedan City Park or Laleh Zahedan Town Hall, is known as the first city playground in Sistan and Balouchestan, in which 16 playgrounds and recreation facilities There are different ages for use.

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  • Zahedan shadi Park

    : Zahedan Paradise Park, also known as the Park of Happiness, is one of the city's green spaces and big gardens located at Zahedan Azadi Blvd., in its playground for children and young people, and amenities. For recreation and circulation

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  • Zahedan Pardis Laleh park

    Laleh Zahedan Campus Park is one of the main parks of this city that is located in the area of Health Boulevard. In the park of Laleh Campus, such features as outdoor climbing, sports facilities and children's playgrounds with good green space and good facilities for rest and recreation are considered.

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