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Alborz Countertops Alborz Countertops

Village gauge located at a height of two thousand and 800 meters above sea level in a mountainous region is one of the functions of the Savojbolagh city. This area ...

Vrvda Verdey Savojbolagh Vrvda Verdey Savojbolagh

Vendetta Village is one of the natural and historic attractions of Alborz Province in the village of Barghan and in the northwest of the city of Karegay, which has a ...

Freeway on Alborz Freeway on Alborz

Azadbar Village is located 70 km from Karaj. This village, which can be accessed from the Chalus road, is a very attractive winter season. According to the Inder of the ...

Historical tourism

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Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge

Shah Abbasi bridge is built at the entrance of the city on the Karaj River. The Karaj road is located in Chalous on the eastern side of the bridge ...

Historical brigde of Bargan Historical brigde of Bargan

The bridge of the village of Bargan is a function of the Savojbolagh city, which has a valuable historical background and experts attribute its longevity to the Safavid era.

Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge

Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge is related to the Safavid period and is located in a small part of the village of Banu Sahara. The bridge is located two kilometers northwest ...

Religious tourism

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ZabidKhatoon Monument (village) of Khour ZabidKhatoon Monument (village) of Khour

In the northwest of Khor village, the central part of Savojbolagh is a district called Cheshmeh. At the foot of the mountain, you can see the fountain, the old lime ...

The Pir and shete of Alborz The Pir and shete of Alborz

The tomb of the old or the old is located in the village of Wests of the Alborz province and is one of the architectural works of the Islamic period ...

Bibi SakinehSanghar Abad Monument Bibi SakinehSanghar Abad Monument

There is a very beautiful monument in the village of Sanghar Abad located in Chaharbagh district of Alborz province, which is known as the Bibi Sakineh monastery of Sanghar Abad ...