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Eco Tourism

Cultural Tourism


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Silver Gray Chichy Daghi Silver Gray Chichy Daghi

Mount Koohi Daghi with a height of 2564 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, central part of the village of Khandabil East and 10 km south of Khalkhal ...

Mountain Marble Mountain Marble

Marble Mountain with a height of 2100 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, Sangbod district, Northern Sangband district and 32 km northwest of Khalkhal city center.

Koor Malaman Koor Malaman

Mount Malaman with a height of 2740 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, Shahrood district, Palang village and 25 km south-east of Khalkhal city center.

Historical tourism

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Ebrahim Abad Bridge Ebrahim Abad Bridge

Ibrahim Abad Bridge was built at the beginning of Ibrahim Abad Alley on the Balkhlu River in Ardabil city.

Doojagh bridge Doojagh bridge

Doojagh bridge is located in the famous Doojagh cemetery, between Arbab Kandi and Gandishman village of Ardabil.