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Kaveh Kaboodan Urmia Kaveh Kaboodan Urmia

In the northeastern part of Lake Urmia there is a fairly large desert that is forming around the desert. In the northeastern corner (at a distance between the Sharifkhaneh port ...

Aras River Aras River

Aras River Rivers are rivers and streams in the northwestern border of the country that originate from Mount Bistogal (1000-pond) near Sarcheshme Euphrates in Turkey and eventually reaches the Caspian ...

Ashzar Qaleh Jouk Maku Ashzar Qaleh Jouk Maku

Qaleh Jowk Waterfall is located 5 km southwest of Maku town, on the edge of the village of Qaleh Jouq and in the middle of the beautiful castle of Qaleh ...

City tour

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Chichist Entertainment Urmia dene Chichist Entertainment Urmia dene

The Chichestan Coastal Village is one of the beautiful and beautiful areas of Urumia, which hosts thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists every day, especially in the spring and summer.

Urmia Games Urmia Games

Urmia Cultural Recreation Complex The Orumiyeh World of Playground is one of Urmia township located on Valfajr 2 Street.

Park Student (Gouler Garden) Urmia Park Student (Gouler Garden) Urmia

Student Park or Guelher Badi is one of the beautiful parks in the city of Urmia, which is located along the park of Eller Garden and Coastal Park and is ...

Historical tourism

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Bebj Shams Tabrizi Azarbayjan-e-Gharb Bebj Shams Tabrizi Azarbayjan-e-Gharb

Shams Tabrizi tower built on Mazari attributed to Shams Tabrizi during the Safavid period in Khoy. The remaining miniature documents and photographs of Shams Tabrizi's Tomb in Khoy City indicate ...

Sayyid Sadruddin Chaldoran Sayyid Sadruddin Chaldoran

Seyyed Sadruddin's Tomb is one of the most important historical and religious buildings in the city of Chaldoran, which is a reminder of the courage and courage of Iranians and ...

The Church of the Virgin Mary Maku The Church of the Virgin Mary Maku

The Church of Ghara (also known as the Church of Tadios or the Church of Tetavos) is the name of a historical church in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran, ...

Religious tourism

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Khoy Ammadzadeh Seyyed Yaghoub (as): Khoy Ammadzadeh Seyyed Yaghoub (as):

The tomb of Emamzadeh Agha Seyyed Yaghoub is located in Taleghani avenue of Khoy. He died in 1354 AD, and his lovers buried him at his home in a beacon ...

Urumieh Amzzadeh Gharib Hassan Urumieh Amzzadeh Gharib Hassan

Ozadeh Gharib Hassan (Imamzadeh Ghareib Hassan) is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Urmia near the villages of Borhanlou and Qureshallo. These Imams are the descendants ...

Bucan's Comprehensive Mosque Bucan's Comprehensive Mosque

Bokan Mosque is located in the central and ancient part of the city of Bukan and next to the old hill, famous for the castle of Sardar hill. Also, this ...