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Woman Pelazh of Bushehr Woman Pelazh of Bushehr

is one of the women's special recreational centers in Bandar-e Bushehr, which has been open for girls and women after being closed and re-opened several times. In the women's swimming ...

Bushehr Birds Park Bushehr Birds Park

Bushehr Birds Park with 25 species of birds including peacocks, pheasants, chicken and Chinese cock, polish and lari, ducks, geese, pigeons, lunar, love poultry, parrots, fench, bird birds, vulture, eagles, ...

Bushehr  Chah Kootah  Forest Park Bushehr Chah Kootah Forest Park

This Park is one of the entertainment centers around the Bushehr port located near a village of the same name and 50 km from Bushehr. Bushehr Short-Range Forest Park is ...