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Cultural Tourism


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Malhadoo Cave of  Beyarjomand Malhadoo Cave of Beyarjomand

The Malohod Cave is one of the historical caves of the province of Semnan, where monuments from the 6th century AH, related to the Ismailis, have been observed. This cave ...

Anniversary of Isma'il Mahlo Trud Anniversary of Isma'il Mahlo Trud

Deq Ismail Mahlou is located in the province of Semnan and north of the central Kavir (Quay plain). The center of the fair is covered with rugged clay soils, and ...

Quir Haj Ali Gholami Damghan Quir Haj Ali Gholami Damghan

Kavir Haj Ali Gholli Damghan is one of the Querie provinces of Semnan Province, located in the southeast of Damghan. From the deserts close to this area, you can reach ...

Historical tourism

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Tower of Tugril (Tower tower) Tower of Tugril (Tower tower)

The Tower of Mahmandoust is located south of Mehmandoost village in Damghan city and west of Maghreb, north of Imamabad. The tower was built in the year 490 AH and ...

The tower of forty girls in Damghan The tower of forty girls in Damghan

The fortard tower of Damghan The brick tower in the west of Damghan is located behind the Tomb of Imam Zadeh Jafar and near Damghan road to Semnan. The people ...

Bastam Tower Bastam Tower

Bastam Tower is a tall and beautiful tower in the south of the city of Bastam and north of Shahrood and the south-east of Bastam Mosque. It is good to ...