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Zabul Wildlife Zabul Wildlife

Zabul Zoo is one of the recreational centers of the province of Sistan and Balouchestan, a subsidiary of the University of Zabol, and is the first research zoo in the ...

Historical tourism

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 Khaash Irendegan castle Khaash Irendegan castle

Khash castles in the libraries section and 100 km from Khash city with an area of 564 square meters and built in three floors; the time of construction of this ...

Zabol Mochi castle (chi castle) Zabol Mochi castle (chi castle)

Zabol Mochi castle , also known as Qal'eh, is a collection of beautiful buildings and headquarters of the royal family during the Safavid period, located 60 km southwest of Zabul. ...

Iranshahr Bampur Castle Iranshahr Bampur Castle

Bampur Castle Iranshahr is located in the north of the city of Bampur and is considered one of the most important historical castles, which unfortunately many parts of it are ...