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Cultural Tourism

  • Sang chomakh

    hill Sang chomakh hill related to dates back to the 6th millennium BC and is located In Bastam 1, a kilometer north-east of the city, and it was recorded on December 12, 1996 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • The ancient castle of Shahroud Museum Park

    The museum is located in the first millennium BC and is located on the eastern hill of Sorouke Mountain overlooking Shahrud, and this work was recorded on July 11, 1996 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Ganbad Ghazan Khan

    The dome and building known as the Ghazan Khan dome means the tomb, and also the buildings of Ghazan Khan (dated 703) in Bastam, which is located in the courtyard. This monument has a dome and architectural style of the tower of the tower Shape.

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  • Semanan big bazaar

    Semnan bazaar, built in Iran's traditional architecture with earthen and brick ceilings, is tailor made to the specific weather conditions of the desert region, is the largest shopping center for commercial goods.

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  • Pahnee bath museum

    Pahnee bath or Hazrat bath is one of the historical monuments of Semnan, which has been located about 600 years since the date of its foundation, and also located in the old market place, and also in the year 1355 in the list of national works.

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  • Shahroud Water museume

    Shahrood Water Museum is the first private water museum in the country. It is also the only museum in the city. Some of the photos of the early Islamic Revolution in Shahrood and some of the pre-revolutionary political activities related to the Majles 17 and the nationalization of the oil industry for The fans have been shown.

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  • the East Sufism

    The Museum of East Sufism in 1389 was opened by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Shahrood in the Bastam Historic Complex.

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  • Shahroud museum

    Shahroud Museum building was built in Baladieh in 1307-1306. Also, this number was registered in the list of national works of Iran in 1888.

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  • Mehr and Coins of Koomesh museum

    Mehr Museum and Coins of Koomesh, the first specialized museum of Mehr and Coin in the province of Semnan on the anniversary of the Revolution victory, was opened by engineer Pakzadian, director of the nomadic museum of Il Sangersar in cooperation with the Organization of Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Semnan province.

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  • Tribal nomads Il Sangsar

    The nomadic tribe of Il Sangers is one of the anthropological museums of the city of Mahdishahr in Semnan province. The museum, which is the first private museum of Semnan province, has a valuable collection of the monuments of the nomads of Il Sangsar.

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  • Plul gotoor Khoi

    The airway Bridge in Khoy is considered to be the largest air bridge in the Middle East, attracting many tourists every year to the beautiful and pristine nature.

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  • Bastam Qara Zia-al-Din castle

    Bastam Castle or Bastam Fort is one of the historical attractions around the city of Qara-i-Ziadin, which is the third most-known Urarutian area of the world in terms of its size. Bastam Fort is located seven kilometers from Qara Ziad al-Din in northern Azarbaijan, west of Iran, and is always open to tourists.

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  • Tiphasanlu Naghdeh

    : Hassanlou Hill, located 7 km from Naghdeh, is one of the ancient hills of Iran dating back to more than 6,000 years BC. The most famous ancient work found on the Hasanlu hill of Naghdeh is the Hasanlu golden cup belonging to the Iron Age and held at the Museum of Ancient Iran.

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  • Khoy Market

    Khoy Market is a huge market that has been the Safavid era and the commercial center of that period in Azerbaijan. The Khoy market is located in the eastern side of Khoy and has been booming for more than 300 years. Khoy market is considered one of the most beautiful and most engineering markets in the country.

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  • Shams Tabrizi Tomb

    Shams Tabrizi tomb is a place of Khoy tourism and pilgrimage in West Azarbaijan province which, according to some locals, is Shams Tabriz's poet, Sufi and Parsigui poet. Shams Tabrizi Tomb has a tower height of 17 meters and Shams Shrine is located 10 meters from the tomb.

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  • The Tomb of the Commanders of Makri

    The Tomb of the Makeri Commanders is one of the valuable and historic remnants of the Qajar period in the city of Boukan, West Azarbaijan province. The Tomb of the Sovereigns, with traditional architecture, is located in Bukan Mellat Park, and is visited by tourists as one of the attractions of Bukan Tourism.

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  • Stone Museum of Urmia Inscription

    The Stone Museum inscriptions on the site of the three domes of Urmia is considered as the first open-air museum of inscriptions and is one of the historical attractions of Urmia.

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  • Jolfa Sonat Stepanos Church

    St. Stephen's Church is located in the middle of the Iranian borderlands and among the green nature of the border region of Jolfa and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and is considered to be the second most important Armenian church in Iran, which is considered important after the Church.

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  • Urumieh Bazar

    Urumieh Bazar is one of the historical works of Urmia, which is located in the old context of this city and dates back to the Safaviyeh period.

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  • Nane Maryam Church of Urumieh

    The Nane Maryam or Maryam's Church, also known as the Church of Mart Maryam or the Church of the East of Ashoor, is one of the oldest churches in Iran and the world located on the Khayyam street of Urmia. The historians of Urmia's Nane Maryam Church are considered the second largest church in the world after the Church of Beyte lahem in Palestine.

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