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Urban Tourism

  • Kerman Celebrities Park

    Kerman Celebrity Park is one of the most popular urban gardens in Kerman, which is being built on an area of 26,664 square meters. The first phase of the park is 9,000 square meters in size and has good facilities for recreation and leisure. .

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  • Persians Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park)

    The Khorram Parayesan Ghaem Kerman, also known as the Ghaem Forest Park, has been protruding with its numerous trees for six decades. The forest, with its 300 hectares, has lost 70 hectares over the years, but is still the main part of Kerman's green space.

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  • Shahid Bahonar Forest Park Kerman

    Shahid Bahonar Forest Park is one of the respiratory lungs of Kerman, which is in fact a property of natural resources, but it has been rented by the municipality of Kerman so that people can easily use their recreational facilities. . This park is located at the current Shahid Ayatollah Sadoughi Boulevard in Kerman.

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  • Kerman's Karban Wildlife Center

    Kerman's Zoo, previously known as the Waterfall Park, is one of Kerman's wildlife collections, in which more than 31 species of animal species including bear, ostrich, deer, fox, lion, Monkey, Pigeon and Peacock are kept.

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  • Himalaya Shirjar Sirjan

    One of the recreational centers of Kerman province is considered to be the first zoo in the province. Sirjan Zoo has animals and species of birds that are kept on the land of 5 hectares. You can visit them.

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  • Recreational Sports Complex Azadi Bagheri

    Azadi Bagheri Residential Sports Complex with 9500 square meter infrastructure is considered as one of the main recreational centers of the south of the country and Yasuj, which has various sections such as equipped suites, glass restaurant, coffee shop , Martial arts, gym, wrestling, boxing, billiards, swimming pool, women's aerobics, city games and more.

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  • Siz 'Dea Green Living Center

    With 7,000 square meters of living space, there is a living room, a garden and a Dutch rose production space; the Dana green entertainment complex is used as a recreational and tourist garden used by tourists.

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  • Yasouj Women's Park

    Yasouj Women's Park is an area of 25,000 square meters. It is one of the city's special spaces for the use of women and girls, with facilities such as a ski resort, cycling track, sitting benches, sitting benches and consulting centers.

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  • Park of Mehrverzai Yasuj

    : Yasouj Mefourzare Park is one of the most famous busters of this city, which offers convenient recreation and amenities such as artificial lake, coffee shop, health services, cycling track, soccer field, volleyball, tennis, Iranian medicinal gardens. And foreign and ... and is welcomed by tourists and citizens in this regard.

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  • Parke velayat of Yasouj Province

    velayat Yasouj Province Park is known as one of Yasuj's main hotspots with an area of more than 15 hectares, which is prominent on the city's river and in the form of a hill, for this reason has a beautiful landscape and good weather for the tourists to use. And Yasuj citizens.

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  • Park Ana Tabriz

    Park Ana Tabriz With its cultural and sports complex, Ana is considered one of the important Gardens of Tabriz, which in addition to the green space, provides sports, recreational and cultural services to citizens and tourists.

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  • Khaqani Park of Tabriz

    Bustan Khaghani Tabriz is one of the most beautiful gardens in the Tabriz metropolis, which was built alongside the Kaboud Mosque and the Azerbaijan Museum, and thus has a cultural aspect.

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  • Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher)

    Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher) is one of the beautiful and literary Gardens of Tabriz which houses the tombs of people such as Bagher Khan and Baghcheh Ban and others.

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  • Eli Baghi Park

    Eli Baghi Park is the largest recreation complex in the northwest of the country, which has good recreational facilities, suitable green space and a fun environment for spending leisure time for families.

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  • Park El Goli Tabriz

    El Goli Park or Shah Goli Park is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tabriz city, located in the southeast of this city, 7 km from the center of the city. With its amusement, recreational facilities and green space suitable for one of the main promenades of Tabriz Has become.

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  • Tabriz Mashroute Park

    Tabriz Mashroute Park is one of the main and beautiful parks in Tabriz Metropolis, located on the Constitutional Revolution Blvd along with the Central Travel Terminal in Tabriz.

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  • Royal Recreational Commercial Complex in Tabriz

    The Royal Merchandising Complex is known as a shopping mall in the west of Tabriz city, but here everything is not about to be bought; it's a good townhouse with good facilities for children and adolescents of the Royal Complex There are Tabriz that you can use.

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  • Hojjaj Park Tabriz

    Tabriz Hojjaj Park is one of the major parts of Tabriz Park, which is named by the Hojjaj Park due to its proximity to the Tabriz Airport's Hojjaj Terminal.

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  • Gardens of Birds Qartal Shahgoli

    The Garden of Birds, Qartal Shahgoli, is the second Tabriz Zoo and the first bird covered garden of this metropolis that enthusiasts of animals, birds, and all kinds of ornamental fish and seafood can enjoy its enjoyment.

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  • Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz

    Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz is located in Bagh Misha Town and has a large area that is located around the campus of sports complexes and women can use these devices all day.

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