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Religious Tourism

  • Miqan Nehbandan Mosque

    Miqan Mosque is generally built in a small and small area with its architectural features including a courtyard, a dome and a nave of Stendar and the dome of the house, and yet this is a privileged work in a remote village.

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  • Khezri mosque

    Khezri Mosque is located within a kilometer of Khezri's new town. This distance could indicate an earthquake in 1347 that destroyed the city.

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  • ZabidKhatoon Monument (village) of Khour

    In the northwest of Khor village, the central part of Savojbolagh is a district called Cheshmeh. At the foot of the mountain, you can see the fountain, the old lime kiln and the tomb of the Ilkhaniyeh period. This monument ZabidehKhatun.

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  • The Pir and shete of Alborz

    The tomb of the old or the old is located in the village of Wests of the Alborz province and is one of the architectural works of the Islamic period and dates back to the 7th and 8th centuries.

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  • Bibi SakinehSanghar Abad Monument

    There is a very beautiful monument in the village of Sanghar Abad located in Chaharbagh district of Alborz province, which is known as the Bibi Sakineh monastery of Sanghar Abad and was built during the Safaviye period.

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  • Zeyd and Rahman Eshtehard ImamZadeh

    Zeyd and Rahman Eshtehard ImamZadeh is considered one of the religious attractions of the province of Alborz, which is also known as the three domes of the Imamzadeh because of its three domes.

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  • Taher Imamzadeh of Karaj

    One of the most famous martyrs of the city of Karaj is the tomb of Taher Imam Zadeh (AS) from the descendants of Imam Zain al-Abedin (AS)

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  • Hasan Imamzadeh (as) of Karaj

    Hasan Imamzadeh (AS) of Karaj, the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), is located near the Sulaimaniyah Palace on the east side of Hassan Imam Zadeh Blvd. If you are looking for more precise addresses, you should go to the southeastern side of Gods (Shah Abbasi) near the Agricultural College of Karaj.

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  • Soleyman_Alamzadeh (AS) of Khor Village

    Soleyman Imam Zadeh (AS) of Khor village is located in Alborz province and is located on a hill in the middle of the village of Khor. The old graves on this hill indicate the old cemetery of the village in this place

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  • ( Hossein Gurab Imamzadeh (Gurou Imamzadeh

    Imamzadeh Hussein, the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), is located in the village of Gurab and the pilgrims of this Imam Zadeh from Tehran and Karaj overlooking the shrine To be The Imamzadeh is also called Emamzadeh Guro.

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  • Mosjid Minaret of Urumieh

    Along with the absence of a minaret in the mosques of Urumieh, there is only one mosque with a long minaret known as the minaret mosque for many years. The minaret mosque is in line with the valuable and historic works of the West Azarbaijan, located on the northern side of Imam Khomeini Street and next to the old school of Hedayat.

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  • Imam Zadeh Aqa Mirhadi (AS)

    In the northeast of Imam Zadeh Seyed Bhlvl Khoi, is a small but magnificent shrine with two minarets and a small dome and beautiful bricks and mirror work. This Imam Zadeh is related to Seyyed Jalil al-Qarq "Allah" and the holy shrine of the public.

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  • Ayub Ansari Tayab monument

    Ayoub Ansari strata is located 13 km south of Takab near the village of Durbash on a high mountain which is believed to be the burial place of Sir Ayub Ansari and hence has a special respect and respect for local people.

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  • Khoi Amzzadeh Seyyed Bhlvl

    Tomb of Imamzadeh Seyed Behlol is located three kilometers from downtown Khoy and on the west side of the city. This tomb is the oldest tomb of Khoy. It is from the exact date of the death of Seyed Behlol (from the descendants of Imam Ali al-Nahi ) And his biography is not known.

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  • Urmia Imamzadeh Barkhaslou

    Imamzadeh Barsaloo is one of the historical buildings of the West Azarbaijan Province, located in the village of Barsaloo, 10 kilometers east of Urumia. Imamzadeh Barkhallo is considered to be the largest and most important pilgrimage of the people of the province, and is based on the period of Zandieh and early Qajar period.

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  • Tazehsshar Imamzadeh Ishaq (AS)

    Tazehsshar Imamzadeh Ishaq is located 5 km from Salmas City and is the burial place of four children of Ali al-Nagi (AS) by the names of Ishagh bin Mahmud, Ibrahim bin Muhammad, Mahmud bin Omar and Jafar Bin Mohammad And the shrine of the lovers of the household is pure and pure.

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  • Masjid Jameh Khorramshahr

    Jame Mosque of Khorramshahr has long been one of the main centers of the city of Khorramshahr, so that it still retains its centrality after the end of the Iran-Iraq war and the complete destruction of the city of Khorramshahr and rebuilds it and stands for the symbol of resistance and resistance of the people Khorramshahr has become a siege and occupation of the city.

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  • Ammadzadeh Heydar (as) Behbahan

    The holy shrine of Imamzadeh Heydar is one of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem (AS) and is known as one of the tourist attractions of Khuzestan. In the historical books of Imamzadeh Heydar Behbahani with the names of "Amirhadir" and "Agha Pirhidar" is also mentioned.

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  • AMAMZADEH Sultan Ibrahim (as) Izeh

    Sultan Ibrahim The name of the Imam is in the city of Izeh, located in the district of Susan. Imam Zadeh Sultan Ibrahim (AS) Izeh is one of the most famous Imam Khuzestan's pilgrims, pilgrims and pilgrims sailing to visit Imamzadeh.

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  • Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi monument

    Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi is located in Ahvaz and is one of the Imam Zadeh and religious tourism centers in Ahwaz, where pilgrims and travelers as well as Ahwazi citizens refer to pilgrimage.

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