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Cultural Tourism

  • Kafir Khelha (Sangasar)

    Kafir Castle is a historical name which is located about 6 km west of the city center of Mahdishahr (Sangasar) in the city of Mahdishahr over a high mountain that flows from the foot of the flower of Rudbar.

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  • Saro Castle

    The pre-Islamic Sara (South) castle is a historical post-Islam era and is located in Semnan, 30 km north of the city, and it was registered on December 5, 2001 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Yatari castle of Aliya

    Castle Yatari Aliya is located in Islami of Semnan province and its distance to the center of Aradan city is 2 km.

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  • Castle castle

    Mount Qom is a Ismaili-related mountain, located in Haji Abad Razhu, 9 km north of the city, and this work was recorded on March 25, 1999 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Shirkhalah Shahmirzad

    Shahrekhaleh castle or Sheikh Cheshmeh castle is located 5 km north of Shahmirzad city, and also the height of the mountain that is located at the top of the castle is about 250 meters taller than the surrounding land.

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  • Lasgerd Castle

    Lasgerd Castle (Lasmoder or Ancient Appalachia) is 35 kilometers west of Semnan, 4 degrees and 53 minutes longitude, and 24 degrees and 35 degrees latitude in the Tehran-Khorasan margin line, and its difference from the sea level 1230 meters.

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  • Castle of Stevenwald

    The main part of the castle is the eastern edge of the eastern hills of Hableh Rood, the boundary between the harbor rood and the station of Balkh is located on the west side of the main section and is located on the western mountains of the aforementioned river.

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  • Haj Heshmat Lakshark (Ibrahim Khan's house)

    This building is located in the center of Sorkheh city and belongs to the Qajar period. Since this privately owned building and its main owner, Haj Heshmat Khan Peyvandi (the governor of the region), has become known as the Haj Heshmat House, and this is the architectural symbol of the Quaieri areas.

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  • kalantar`s House

    This building belongs to the middle Qajar and is located in the southern part of Semnan in the neighborhood of Esfanjan and at the corner of Abouzar Square (Pachnar). It is also listed on the national monuments list.

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  • Tedin's House (Mohammadia)

    Tedin or Mohammadi's house in the Abbasieh neighborhood of the suburb of Nassar's largest neighborhood is one of the five neighborhoods of Semnan.

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  • Cinema Museum

    Housed in a Qajar-era mansion that includes Iran`s first cinema, the film museum has well-displayed and explained exhibits of equipment, photos and posters from Iran`s century-old movie industry.

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  • Shahid Beheshti Museum

    The project for the construction of a museum in the house of Martyr Beheshti which was launched in the year 1391 has been completed and the museum was opened on the martyrdom anniversary of Beheshti.

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  • Khanat Caravansary

    Khanat Caravansary in Amin-ol-Sultan square embodies the historical heart of Tehran.

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  • Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh

    Ghoorkhaneh gate (Sar Dar-e Ghoorkhaneh) is located near Imam Khomeini Sq, Tehran.

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  • Darolfonoon High School

    Darolfonoon High School, established in 1851, was the first modern university and modern institution of higher learning in Persia (Iran).

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  • Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli

    Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli a combination of old Iranian architecture and is a symbol of contemporary Tehran.

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  • Time Museum

    Time Museum presents an interesting and absorbing collection of timekeepers.

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  • Shams-ol-Emareh Palace

    Shams-ol-Emareh Palace is located in the eastern section of Golestan palace and belongs to the era of Naser al-Din Shah.

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  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

    On the western side of Laleh park, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is in a striking concrete modernist building constructed during the shah`s rush to build modern landmarks in the 1970s.

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  • Qasr Garden Museum

    Qasr Garden Museum is a public museum located in police square. This beautiful garden decorated with modern and thought provoking artworks.

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