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  • Skiing in Iran!!!! (1394/07/10)

    It seems to those who haven’t been to Iran that this country is flat and consists of vast deserts with the arid hot weather. But in reality, many are surprised to learn that in fact Iran is a land of many climates and geographical characteristics. Stretching in northern Iran is Alborz, a mountain range with its highest peak,Mt. Damavand (5610 M).

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  • Iran's biggest secret: the skiing's great  (1394/07/10)

    Sick of the braying hordes of Meribel and Val d'Isère? Looking for a more exotic ski holiday? Then head for Tehran. Comedian Dom Joly finds beautiful peaks and great powder in the heart of the Axis of Evil

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  • A Complete Guide to the Iranian Kebab (1394/07/04)

    Iran is the land of kebabs but Iranian cuisine is much more diverse, complicated and difficult to be made than that. Located in the Middle East, Iranian cuisine has both influenced and been influenced by its Western and Eastern neighbors.

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  • amazing Springs in northern Iran (1394/06/28)

    Badab Soort was registered on Iran’s list of heritage sites in 2008.

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  • Modern designs essential in carpet industry (1394/06/24)

    In an exclusive interview with Arash Heydarian, a top designer of Iranian carpets, the English-language paper Iran Daily on its Iranica page, investigates reasons for a lackluster Iranian carpet export market. Following you will find the full text.

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  • Bishapur historical site reopened (1394/06/24)

    Provincial officials of ICHHTO in Fars Province of Iran reopened the third most important historical site in southern Iran.

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