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( Hossein Gurab Imamzadeh (Gurou Imamzadeh

(36 رای)

Imamzadeh Hussein, the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), is located in the village of Gurab and the pilgrims of this Imam Zadeh from Tehran and Karaj overlooking the shrine To be The Imamzadeh is also called Emamzadeh Guro.

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The monument of Hussein Imamzadeh (AS) of Gurab number 968 is one of the historical monuments of the country's cultural heritage and is one of Safaviye memorials.
It is made of stone, brick and tile and has a conical dome.
The existence of an old tree in the tombstone has added to its magnificence and beauty.

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    Gourab (Joorab) is one of the great Argeh villages located 19 kilometers northeast of Karaj (25 kilometers south-east of the Amir Kabir subway) and has temperate and dry air and the river Erenghe passes from the north. Mount Porea is located in the south and Mount Gora in the north of the village.

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