Banned hunting grounds Three Buchen Canyons

(38 رای)

The Three Hazard Hunting Zone of West Azarbaijan Province is located 15 km northeast of Bukan and is located at the Bokan axis of Miyandoab. This plain has 5 villages called the Tri-Khanian, Kanji Ali Poll, Kanji Sor, Kanji Gha and Armenian Golaghi.

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The hunted area of the Three Bullion Cannons is considered as one of the most frequent breeding areas in the Meyshmgh. Shota plains, Hamamian and three cannies in the city of Boukan are the bird's habitat of Nāmrīši Chicken. The chicken ewe, called local breed, is a bird of the Hubgang family, living in vast plains, steppic lands, and large crops of legumes and meadows.
The bird has its neck and legs, wings, broad beak and colorful feathers, and nests on the ground. Chicken ewes in each spring, two to four eggs, which are born after 25 to 27 days of chickens. Chicken ewe is one of the largest birds in Iran, and its shape and appearance are very similar to turkey.
In the past, this bird was habitually distributed in the northwest of the country, but now, Boukan has become the last refuge of this rare bird in the country. The chicken ewe is a rare bird in the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Population and Natural Resources, and the observation of 33 pieces of this bird in the Boukan plains has confirmed the hope for the survival of this migratory species.

  • Specific information

    The dominant vegetation cover in the hunting area is the bark cover. Vegetable species of the region include palatine and gontakery, wild alfalfa, rye, wildlife foraging, hawthorn, reed and oak, wild gooseberries, galleries and palatine and guinea pigs, wild pistachio (wild boar), wild almonds, and hawthorns can be mentioned.

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