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Central center (Kavir Salt)

(4 رای)

Central Kavir or Kaveh hole from the north to the central and eastern Alborz and from the west to Damghan road to Jandag and Kavir Reg Jin, from the east to the mountains of Pirhagh and Uzbek mountains, and to the south to the connecting axis. - Tabas is limited.

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Desert central desert is often a vast desert with an approximate length of 800 km and an approximate width of 320 km south of the Alborz Mountains in the northern part of Iran. The area of the Desert plain is about 77, 600 square kilometers. In the west, this is the desert salt lake.
This desert is one of the Earth's thermal poles. The temperature reaches 50 degrees in the summer and sometimes the temperature difference between day and night reaches 70 degrees Celsius.

  • Specific information

    The main part of this desert is covered by large swamps, and its vegetation is mainly on the margins of the marshes and of the type of saline plants (halophytes). The deserts of Marvesti, Damghan and Kharturan are located in this area. The major part of the central desert is mostly in the southern and central parts of the swamp and in the eastern margins covered with dunes or sand dunes. Its western parts are covered with vegetation-free puffy clay soils.
    In this desert, yellow soils and black salt are abundant. Part of the desert is covered with openings in the form of a volcano crater created by the rapid evaporation of water and soil moisture. Salt poles are also found in the southern and central parts of the abundance.
  • Best time

    The lack of vegetation in the main area of the desert and the presence of postal land has caused the smallest rainfall to cause a marshy bog in this desert. Hence, passing through this desert without the necessary studies and accurate monitoring of rainfall months is by no means advisable

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