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Cheshmeh Ali Damghan

(2 رای)

Cheshmeh Ali, located 35 km north of Damghan along the Damghan-Kaiser-Sari Road and between the villages of Astaneh and Kalateh Roodbar.

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  • Address : Semnan - Damghan

Cheshmeh Ali is one of the most important hotspots in Damghan. This spring, which is also supplied by the city of Damghan, is one of the most remarkable areas of Damghan, which has been the promenade of the rulers and sultans since ancient times. The Cheshmeh Ali complex is composed of two parts of the castle and structure of the water.

  • Background information

    Since the state of Qomus (Semnan province) and Damghan city were at the forefront of the early Qajar dynasties, Agam Mohammadkhan and Fath Ali Shah Qajar built beautiful buildings in the fountain of Ali Damghan. Fathali Shah Qajar's interest in this area of Iranian soil is because Damghan was actually his hometown.
    At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on June 23, 2007, the area was designated as the national tourism sample area on the basis of Article 8 of the Law on the Establishment of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.
  • Specific information

    According to historical evidence, in the past, due to the existence of several ducts of water in this garden, they were called "excellent bolagh" or "thousand springs". The complex also has a bath and a mosque that have already been destroyed.
  • Outlook

    Qarolkhaneh mansion, located on the south side of the Cheshmeh Ali complex, is built of clay and has a Safavid architecture. This building was used during the time of Agam Mohammad Khan. This building was later restored with bricks
  • Recommendation

    This complex has amenities such as suites and cottages for travelers, parks, supermarkets, shopping malls (one of Damghan's most famous ice cream shops), local clothing, traditional restaurants, traditional cuisine, city games, bookstores and more. .. Is.

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