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Damghan bazaar

(5 رای)

Damghan market is related to Qajar period and it is located in Damghan city center and this is one of the national works of Iran.

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This market has three entrances from Imam Street and one entrance entrance from the south boulevard and another entrance from the Imam Square. In addition, it has an entrance directly from the Janat Garden and one entrance. A substitute for leaning on the castle.

  • Background information

    In 1378, this market was part of the roof of the Gahgel Market, and also in 1385, the drainage gutters were repaired.
  • Specific information

    The market's hallway ceiling is a dome in which these domes are among the brightest. Most shops also have a dome roof, but some shops are flat due to repairs, as well as shops near Imam Street with two at the entrance, one inside the market and one on Imam Street.
  • Facilities

    The market has tight joints on the half-pillars of the market wall. Almost in the middle of the market due to the slope and bezel in two holes to enter the street of Imam by the stairs to the market.

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