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Ebrat Museum

(50 رای)

There is nothing subtle about the Iran Ebrat Museum, a one-time prison of the shah`s brutal secret police that now exhibits that brutality with an equal measure of prorevolution propaganda.

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  •  Ebrat Museum
  •  Ebrat Museum
  •  Ebrat Museum
  •  Ebrat Museum
 Ebrat Museum  Ebrat Museum  Ebrat Museum  Ebrat Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982166722096
  • website :
  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 10:00-14:00
  • Address : No. 11, Yarjani st, Kushk-e mesri st, Ferdowsi ave, Tehran, Iran

The prison is an incongruously attractive building, with wings radiating from a circular courtyard. But what went on here was not attractive at all.

  • Background information

    During the 1970s, hundreds of political prisoners – including several prominent clerics and postrevolutionary figures whose names you will recognise from street signs – were held in tiny cells and, in many cases, tortured by the Anti Sabotage Joint Committee, a branch of the despised Savak (National Intelligence and Security Organisation). The various functions of the prison are dramatically re-created with waxwork dummies and liberal doses of red paint. The shah`s henchmen are depicted wearing neckties (a pro-Western symbol in modern Iran) and looking brutish (check the eyebrows). The propaganda element is emphasised with numerous photos of the former royal family – just in case you forget who was responsible.
  • Specific information

    Propaganda aside, this prison was undoubtedly a terrible place to end up and the people running it guilty of brutality on a grand scale. It`s just a pity that the abhorrence of torture and politically motivated incarceration expressed here is not shared by the current ruling regime; stories from Tehran`s notorious Evin Prison are just as horrifying.
  • More Info

    All visitors must follow the 1¾-hour tour, conducted in Farsi by a former prisoner. Some exhibits have brief explanations in English, though little interpretation is required. The tour includes a film that`s not suitable for children.

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