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There are 30 km of Kerman city and on the northeast side of the Kafir Mountain Mount Dosh (Fosk), which is 10 km from the high mountains with high walls, sometimes 200 m, with interesting twists and turns. has created.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Kerman 30 km from Kerman, northeastern corner of Kafir Mountain

In the hard valley (Fosk), due to the flow of river water, there are close to 45 high and short waterfalls with elevations ranging from 3 to 45 meters, as well as the need for a full scale survey of the climbing valley of Kafirkouh peak with a height of 3443 m and exit from the fourfold high of 887 meters high near Shahdad is.

  • Background information

    The Valley of Hardness (Fosk) was first identified in the summer of 2009 by a team of 6 rescue and rescue teams from the Kerman Red Crescent Mountains.
  • Specific information

    Passing through Kerman Valley (Fusak) requires technical tools, physical fitness, and familiarity with swimming techniques. It takes a minimum of 5 days to navigate this valley. Undoubtedly, this amazing valley can be one of the most unique valleys in the country due to the length of the route, the presence of water jet streams, thickets, forests, walls, walls and its diverse wildlife. Because the famous valleys such as the Andres' Fresco Dres, in the north, are small valleys.
  • Outlook

    Valley of Hardy is located 30 km from Kerman in the Kahpayeh region of Kerman. It has a 15-kilometer road with steep slopes and deep valleys. The last village in the area is Fosak, and begins with this hiking area. Continuing the river course in the valley leads to waterfalls
  • Must know

    The legal entrance of the valley, which is in fact the last part, is among the rocks with an altitude of more than 100 meters just as great as the valley of the valley, due to the length of the route, passing through the rocks and catching ponds and waterfalls Known to cognitive science. The water of this valley is used to irrigate Shahdad Desert Gardens.
  • More Info

    : The valley is about two thousand meters in length and is about eighty kilometers from the longest valleys of Kerman province.

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