Holy Imam Zadeh Zayed Shahdad

(46 رای)

Imam Zadeh Zayed Shahdad is one of the buried Imam Zadeh in the province of Kerman, which has many officials and criminals who have been dominated by the people of Shahdad and Kerman from centuries and the Sultans and Emirs have paid special attention to it. .

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Nasab Sharif leads him to the Imam's Sixth Imam (Imam Ja'far Sadeq), the sixth Imam of Shi'a (PBUH), and the consensus of the scholars of Ensab, the consolation leader of the Prophet Zayd (PBUH), is as follows: Zaid bin Ali al-Bakr ibn Muhammad bin Ali bin Mohammad bin Ali al-Khwarizmi bin Qasim al-Sheikh bin Muhammad al-Dibayj ibn Imam Jafar al-Sadeq (PBUH). He is a great writer, Jalil al-Qadr, the great Amin al-Sha'en Abedi, Zahed Fazeli Arjomand and the guardian of Sadat Kerman. His name is Niki in most books. This monument to Zayed (peace be upon him), the great grandson of Imam Ja'far Sadeq (PBUH), has no doubt between Allah The tomb of Imam Shrine dormant logarithms great that Zaid (PBUH) and the eugenic Mazar-e Kerman province and kinship consensus among scholars insist on it.

  • Background information

    Famous father of Zayd (PBUH) Ali, known as Becārabadi, was known for his nickname that he lived in a region called Bakarabad Gorjan = Gorgan, and his children were also called Bakabadiyon.
    One of the outstanding traits of Imam Zade (PBUH) is the pilgrimage of Hajj, which has been cited for countless rewards.
    Among the children of the Imams (PBUH), Zayd is one of the few Sadaty who was known as Zayd al-Haji. Also, from his other characteristics, his knowledge that has made him privileged, has again raised the profession and virtues of Zayd as the alms of Kermani's destabilization.
    Undoubtedly, the birthplace of Zayd (PBUH) was in Gorgan. Because his father lived in the city for many years, according to historians, he was born in the same city. Unfortunately, he did not mention the date of his birth, but given his father's birth at Yahya al-Harouni in 424 AH. A little bit later, after death, it can be ascertained that its birth was born in 395 AD in Gorgan, the date of its death is not mentioned in the sources mentioned above, but according to some indications it is probable that It disappeared around the years 470-500.
    The children of Zayd (PBUH) include Abu Hashim Tamim, Seyyed Mohammad, Seyed Hemaz, Sayyid Talib and Seyed Hassan

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