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Naseri Square, Iranshahr

(64 رای)

Castle Nasseri, also known as Iranshahr Castle, is one of the most important castles in Sistan and Balouchestan, which is located in the city of Iranshahr, and is now being visited by tourists after restoration and restoration.

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Naseri castle of Iranshahr has 7 turrets and 2 towers in front; Iranshahr castle includes soldier's house, courtyard, mosque, bathroom, stables, basin, shahstani, general garden, garden and ...yer.

  • Background information

    Prince Firoz Mirza Farmanfara during his reign in Kerman traveled to Balochistan and visited the Bampur Castle (1264 AH). As the Bampour Castle was the center of the state government, it was demolished and its repair required a great deal of cost, its proposal and the agreement of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar castle were built in Pahre (Iranshahr). Its construction work was completed in 1264 AH. Architect Hussein Memarbhashi has been completed and completed in 1271 AH. The purpose of this castle was to transfer the Balochistan central government from Bampur to Iranshahr. By the year 1286 AD, the castle was dominated by the Qajar forces, but due to the weakness of the central government, it fell into the hands of the Baloch forces and local rulings. The Qajar soldiers move to Kerman after the defeat, and they bring news of the occupation of the castle to the governor of Kerman. Some Governors are sent to remove the castle from the Baloch, but they have not succeeded and are forced to return. At this time, the ruler of Bahram Khan brings his soldier to Iranshahr and takes the castle. By 1294 AH. Bahram Khan was the ruler of Balochistan, and after his nephew, his friend, Mohammad Khan, arrived in Balochistan, and until 1307 the central government had no control over Baluchistan. Government forces in 1307 on the orders of Reza Khan go to Fatah castle and the castle to seize them and friend of Mohammad Khan is captured by the government forces and it should be noted that this castle in the name of Dost Mohammad Khan it is famous. Government forces are located in the castle, and at least Balochistan is seized by the government. In 1979, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranshahr City Hall did not endanger the destruction of the interior, and did not leave any traces of the past. There is a terrible incident on the castle, which has not brought any hostility to it. Recent decades have revolutionized the fortress's fortress.
  • Specific information

    Iranshahr Castle has more than 150 rooms including enclosures, basins, warehouses, stables, baths, barracks, rulers and more. Although the interior architecture of the castle is destroyed, it can be noted that the decorative bricks of the entrance hall and brick towers on both sides have a variety of reeducational designs, mouse teeth, geometric, rhizosphere, chalcos and others.
    This type of decorating reminds the architectural style used by the artists in the Berm's towers in Kerman province.
    _The main road: The main materials of Nasser castle of Iranshahr are clay, mud and brick, and its fence has a total of 9 viewing towers with a diameter of its fence walls on the surface of the earth to 4.5 meters and a height of about 7 meters. The building has an area of over 36,000 square meters.
    At the top of the wall, there is an exterior view of the inside of the fortress at a height of more than one meter at a height of 5 meters from the ground for a round of guards and a refuge with an average height of 1.7 meters. On the shelter, holes were erected on different shafts, with defenders removing them from the seats sitting or standing at the gun barrel to confront the enemy.
    Except tower towers under the shadow of the towers, there were soldiers' nurseries where the towers were similar to those of a turret or defensive wall with different slopes. The fortress in the past has 150 rooms with different sizes, with four separate rooms
    Second time to use: Nasseri fortnight Iranshahr built in 194 × 194 meters in an area of 37,636 square meters. The fence around it is 6.7 meters high and 4.5 meters thick in solid form. Equipped with two types of camouflage and dipped and close to the woman, and the gun is brave.
    The materials used in the remaining fences and towers were crude clay and bricks 20 × 30 cm in diameter, and the vaults were 20 cm in diameter and were curvilinear, which are unbelievable. The required water was entered into the castle by a series of aqueducts and was used for storage and use in irrigated gardens in the north. Above the wall, embedded inside the fortress at a width of more than one meter at a height of 5 meters from the ground for a round of guards and a refuge with an average height of 1.7 meters to prevent external vision.
    On the sanctuary, holes were erected on different shafts, where the defenders removed them from the seats sitting or standing at the gun pistol to confront the enemy. Except tower towers, under the shadow of the towers, there was a soldier's sanatorium, the towers of which were similar to those of a sheltered wall or defense defenses with different slopes. The fortress in the past has 150 rooms in different sizes with four separate seating areas.
  • More Info

    Water from Nasseri Castle in Iranshahr Needed by a string of aqueducts entered the castle and after being stored in the basins for use in irrigated orchards in the north of the gardens were used.

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