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North Rift Lut

(5 رای)

Tang Ratile (Spider Canyon) is the largest tight lake in Iran, located on the south side of the North Lut Desert, 130 km from Shahdad, among the western walls of the Khak River or the dry river.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Shahdad North Loot

Cal hole (Shrine) is the largest hole in the Lut desert. Permanent rivers such as Kal Salar and Calle Lut are poured into this hollow, in addition to several seasonal rivers, the largest of which are either the dry river or the river that originates from the mountain Bakhto or Pikhto, and after passing through East Calcutta Zoo Kal (Goshkal), cut off the asphalt road of Shahdad Nehbandan and continue to the central hole.
Of course, the old road of the camel to the Shahdad of Birjand crosses the riverside in the north of the dried river, which is recorded in the old maps called Dry River.

  • Background information

    In recent years, the strait has been identified when studying the central hole or hollow river hollow.
  • Specific information

    The outbreak of the calorie was brought into the road by heavy rainfalls, but the creation of large and large salt waterways circulating around the road had drawn a beautiful drawing that provided a special tranquility to the passersby
  • More Info

    We took the salt or the salt mine for salt consumption in the course of 60 km after the martyr's death. Finally, at 80 km, we rested the night at the Red Crescent Base near the Bradaran Basin, loved by them especially for the base of Mr. Pourhosseini was placed.
    On the morning of Friday after the morning prayer we went to the tight ratil, we first arrived at the Zoo Kale or Goshlab after 22 km driving, which is a multicolored clutches of beautiful landscapes and attraction of the Lut desert.
    Inside the tight, we are surprised to see that all of the 500-year-olds have been suffering from various kinds of insects, including large and small butterflies, red carpets, night-owls, flies of different sizes and colors, especially yellow, and even small ants. We were flying a lot of birds and their songs were very nicely listened, and the strangest thing was the rapid movement of the yellow rays of Peru and the feathers of Peru and the Perez around us, which brought a pleasant fear.

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