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Old Bazzar of Bushehr

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The old Bazzar of Bushehr is one of the famous and historically famous shopping centers of Bushehr, dating back to the Qajar period. The old fashioned Bushehr market is one of the most beautiful and most expensive parts of trading and selling various goods.

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  • Address : Old texture of Bushehr, Dehsheti neighborhood

If we consider the start of the market from the south and opposite Karim Darvishi bazaar and Haj Ali Yassi, first with confectionery, followed by stirrers and solder, then watch stores and cloth sellers or kharyas and more Luxury retailers and retailers, household appliances, brothels, bookstores, blacksmiths, coffee shops, fish sales, vegetable and fruit sales, dates and dinners, dairy products, and tailors tailor made in the northern part You will be faced with the latest shops. Eventually, this market will end in the Shanbadi neighborhood and the Shanbadi mosque.

  • Background information

    The old Bushehr market has about 250 shops in the Qajar period, which is in line with the style of architecture of this period. On this market, religious, Jewish, and Christian minority Muslims joined the business.
  • Specific information

    The historical context of Bushehr with its beautiful and unique architecture has an important position in the field of tourism and the Bushehr market can be one of the attractions of this area. This market has a skeleton and the main corridor with a southern and northern direction with interesting architecture and Lighting and ventilation. The market was safe from sunlight during the cold season, the rain and the warm season, and made it warmer for shoppers, pedestrians and buyers.
    Apart from the main skeleton, which consists of the entrance and exit from the south to the north or on the other hand, it has a number of markets that have been drawn to the east or west, and its two market orders, Moin al-Tajar and the famous head of the Altjar And the rest of them each had a special chair and sold different items.
    In the markets, there were also shops that sold various goods. Each of the market queues had special chairs and were led by them. At ceremonies and other religious ceremonies, marketers set up events and celebrations.
  • More Info

    The old market of Bushehr was registered on March 28, 2006 with the registration number 18648 as one of the national works of Iran.

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