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Qal'eh Tool in Khuzstan

(13 رای)

The historic city of Qal'eh Tool one of the Lower Towns of Khuzestan Province and is located in the central part of Baghmalek. The castle is the longest point and the most vivid sign of the city for newcomers to the city or travelers passing through the Ahwaz route to Isfahan.

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  • Address : Khuzestan, Shoush.

Qal'eh Tool Castle has four square towers and one of its angles was a four-edged mansion located on the upper floor of the Lamardon or guest house. In the lower deck of the corridor, the building was connected to the castle's central courtyard. The castle had two courtyards with an exterior for guests and servants and guard guards and a special interior for the Khan family, including Mohammad Taqi Khan's family and his brother Akalbali.

  • Background information

    The Elamite kingdom, which existed about 5,000 years ago in a wide area of southwest and western Iran, consisted of several important cities and regions, most notably Anzan or Anshan are believed to be in line with the area around the present-day Izeh.
  • Specific information

    This city was originally located in the center of Qal'eh Tool district and its surroundings and the provision of primary services to the villages of this village. The residence in Qal'eh Tool, based on the historical monuments obtained at its site, was very remote during the reign of the Ilam province It turns out.
    The Elamite works discovered in this city are two large stones that were excavated a long time ago when excavating the land for construction, and one of these rocks is the base of the pillar and the other is a stone imprinted on the four-figureed face, two facing The other two are standing in the chest.
  • Outlook

    There is a river at the foot of the Kholestan castle, which carries springs to the Golal River. The river is the source of water for many lands in the castle of Qal'eh Tool and Boğeri, which are mostly grown up and rice. The village of Boğeri, which is now close to the city of Qal'eh Tool, is one of the fortune-telling spots of the castle plain. One of the frozen springs at the foot of the castle has long been the most important source of water supply for residents, which for a long time had clean and digestible water.
  • Must know

    The Qal'eh Tool in the east of Ahwaz and on the right side of the Ahwaz communication road (Haftkal) Baghmalek Izeh in Isfahan, after passing by Baghmalek.
  • More Info

    The historic city of Qal'eh Tool is an historic Elamite heritage site and has been erected in different corners of the 6/8 kilometer range from various historical periods. From Elymians and Sassanians to Qajar.
    The Qal'eh Tool is first built around a pile that is under construction of the castle of the city. The fort is located on natural slopes, which is said to have been partly artificially constructed.